Accelerated Application Deployment

Single solution for application release automation, and support for various DevOps automation tools, abstracted from diverse infrastructure services.

Application Delivery

Accelerate application delivery by streamlining the deployment process. Applications are assembled from pre-built components, using a visual canvas with a drag-and-drop interface, to create the Application Blueprint. Application Blueprints describe the application deployment topology.

Standardize the Software Stack

Effective automation requires standardization of the software stack which increases agility and operational efficiencies. Manual configurations can be minimized to reduce inconsistencies, errors and the need for time consuming rework. Overall quality of services improves by capturing best practices in components. Connect to existing components in the organization – e.g. databases, load balancers, or SaaS applications.

Model Once Deploy Anywhere

The Application Blueprint in vCloud Automation Center provides a design once, deploy anywhere capability. It isolates application deployment models from the underlying infrastructures so that the same model can be deployed multiple times across clouds. Blacklist services to enforce and monitor compliance with IT standards and regulatory policies for services is used in the blueprints.

Application Release Automation

vCloud Automation Center allows you to rapidly provision consistent application environments across clouds and to swiftly promote consistent changes across those environments. This allows you to automate the application release process. New rollback support allows changes to be rolled back to the previous state.

Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)

Application release automation is a subset of the SDLC process which can be automated to rapidly push code into production. You can support continuous integration for high-speed application and change deployment.


VMware is supporting DevOps automation tools from Puppet Labs, OpsCode (Chef) and SaltStack to accelerate workload deployments via configuration management. Configuration drift can be remediated towards a desired state configuration.

Dynamic Scale – out / Scale – in of Applications

vCloud Automation Center integrates with operation tolls so that events can trigger the dynamic scale – out / scale – in of applications to rapidly respond to changing business needs.