Automated Service Delivery

vCloud Automation Center automates the end-to-end deployment and lifecycle management of application and IT services leveraging existing infrastructure, tools and processes.

Automates Complete Lifecycle Management

vCloud Automation Center automates the entire deployment or ongoing management process from the initial request through decommissioning including ongoing management of existing infrastructure and applications. The objective is to provide a zero-touch deployment process to help accelerate the delivery of time sensitive resources, configuration changes or software updates, while at the same time eliminating manual error prone tasks, which can slow down the process.

Standardization for IT Control and Compliance

Effective automation requires standardization of the infrastructure and application stacks. Standardized components capture best practices, which improve the quality of services. They eliminate the need for manual configurations, which otherwise often results in errors (i.e. differing configurations), which require rework.

Works with Existing Environment

vCloud Automation Center’ broad multi-vendor support combined with an extensible architecture allows its purpose built automation to be rapidly adapted or extended to work with existing infrastructure components and management tools and processes.

Model Once Deploy Anywhere

vCloud Automation Center provides a simple drag and drop interface for designing application deployment models . This design - once deploy - anywhere capability isolates application deployment models from the underlying differences between multi-vendor cloud infrastructures.

Automate the Software Development Lifecycle Process

vCloud Automation Center, in conjunction with popular software source control systems and continuous build integration systems, allows to automate the software development lifecycle process. Through continuous integration, software configuration or code changes can be rapidly pushed into production.

Application Release Automation

vCloud Automation Center automates allows to promote the same application change across different environments for e.g. development, test or production. This process can be automated, which greatly increases agility and enables DevOps.

Multiple Software Deployment Options

vCloud Automation Center provides a native mechanism for deploying OS, database, middleware and application software including full software lifecycle management. In addition, a variety of multi-vendor OS, 3rd party, and desktop specific provisioning tools and methodologies are also supported allowing customers the flexibility to leverage existing and future investments.

Dynamic Scale - out / Scale – in of Applications

vCloud Automation Center integrates with operation tools so that events can trigger the dynamic scale – out / scale in of applications. This allows DevOps teams to rapidly respond to changing business needs.