Intelligent Resource Management

vCloud Automation Center ensures higher IT resource utilization through placement, prevention and reclamation of resources across virtual, physical and cloud resources.

Resource Reservations

Resources can be pre allocated for a particular group’s usage assuring that they will be available when needed. However, they can also be reallocated if necessary to meet changing business needs.

Service Level Resource Thresholds – min, max and approval

vCloud Automation Center’s policies govern how compute resources are allocated to assure optimal performance for the task that needs to be performed. Optional approvals are available for requests, which exceed standard service levels.

Service Tiers

Resources can be pooled within various service tiers (e.g. gold, silver, bronze). The combination of service level resource thresholds and service tier policies assure that resource consumers receive the “right size” compute or application service at the “right service level” for the task that need to perform.

Reconfigure Resources (CPU, Memory, Storage, Network, etc.)

Dynamically increase or decreases compute resources within an individual machine or group of machines. This capability can be performed against machines provisioned with vCloud Automation Center as well as existing machines that have been placed under vCloud Automation Center’s control. Reconfiguration can be initiated via the GUI or from other applications via the API.

Scale Out / In Application Components

Scale out or in application components like web servers, application servers, or databases servers in order to meet changing business demands. Scale out or in can be initiated via the GUI or dynamically from other applications via the API.

Automated Resource Reclamation

vCloud Automation Center automatically reclaims inactive temporary resources at the end of the lease, snapshot or archival period. However, cleaning up after so called permanent applications can be a much harder problem. vCloud Automation Center automates the process of identifying potentially inactive resources, and verifying with the owners that these resources are no longer needed. A flexible reclamation workflow can provide the owner and even the group manage with multiple notifications before the resource is reclaimed and temporary archival periods can provide a backup in case the resource is still needed.

Business Management for Cloud

vCloud Automation Center (as part of an add on component) provides the cost of a VM and utilization of shared resources to help you manage demand and drive accountability over cloud resources to lower TCO. Furthermore, optimize your sourcing across internal infrastructure and public IaaS.

  • Supplies data on IT costs of physical, virtualized and cloud resources, storage and network resources, and other cloud-IT cost drivers.
  • Delivers common reporting and usage metering coverage for measuring, analyzing, reporting and invoicing based on usage across private and public Cloud.
  • Offers advanced analytics of collected data from cloud operation tools, to track resources and manage cost according to business organizational structures and needs.
  • Integrates cloud usage reporting with cloud provisioning and management strategy to allow users to manage the infrastructure cost for cloud offerings.