Policy Governance Engine

vCloud Automation Center contains governance capabilities to ensure that people can request and receive approved IT resources based on business and IT policies.

Policy Engine

The policy engine drives the placement, approvals, and resource allocation of services to ensure business policies are enforced. In concert with vCenter Orchestrator, vCloud Automation Center connects to 3rd party resources, such as service management systems, providing full lifecycle policy management:

  • Resource Reservations
    Resources can be pre allocated for a particular group’s usage assuring that they will be available when needed. However, they can also be reallocated if necessary to meet changing business needs.
  • Service Level Resource Thresholds
    vCloud Automation Center’s policies govern how compute resources are allocated to assure optimal performance for the task that needs to be performed. Optional approvals are available for requests, which exceed standard service levels.
  • Service Tiers
    Resources can be pooled within various service tiers (e.g. gold, silver, bronze). The combination of service level resource thresholds and service tier policies assure that resource consumers receive the “right size” compute or application service at the “right service level” for the task that need to perform.
  • Service Approvals
    vCloud Automation Center can be configured to facilitate automation of an approvals process. Where approvals are necessary, vCloud Automation Center can integrate with Active Directory and configured for alternate approvers to ensure that change management and business requirements are met.
  • Service Entitlements
    Each service created in vCloud Automation Center can be designed with entitlements to ensure that each user, or group, has access to the services they have been preauthorized to consume.