Cloud Management Marketplace

VMware Cloud Management Marketplace is a one-stop destination for finding third-party and VMware solutions to automate and operate your cloud infrastructure, applications and data.

VMware and industry leading vendors with long-standing relationships have come together to build management solutions in design partnership, using open and extensible interfaces in VMware’s Cloud Management products. The VMware Cloud Management Marketplace (CMM) has cloud management solutions in various domains ranging from network, compute, storage and security, to management frameworks, platforms, applications and database. Solutions include Orchestration Plug-ins and Workflows for VMware vCenter Orchestrator, Cloud Services and Application Blueprints for VMware vCloud Automation Center, Management Packs for VMware vCenter Operations Suite, and Content Packs for VMware vCenter Log Insight.

An underlying design principle for VMware’s cloud management products is heterogeneity and multi-cloud support, including support for non-VMware clouds. This allows customers to choose a cloud management platform that accelerates their journey to a scalable, robust cloud with self-service capability and on-demand access to services by IT consumers. Customers can use these best practice solutions as-is as well as they can customize them to their environments.

VMware Cloud Management Marketplace

Orchestration Plug–Ins and Workflows

VMware vCenter Orchestrator is an IT Process Automation engine that helps customers automate their cloud and integrate the VMware vCloud Suite with the rest of their management systems. Through an open and flexible plug-in architecture, VMware vCenter Orchestrator allows you to automate provisioning and operational tasks across both VMware and third-party applications, such as service desks, change management and asset management systems. You can find a number of orchestration plug-ins and workflows on the VMware Cloud Management Marketplace. Learn more about the vCenter Orchestrator Plug-In Software Development Kit to quickly create custom plug-ins to 3rd party management systems.

Cloud Services and Application Blueprints

VMware vCloud Automation Center provides the agility your business needs through automating the delivery of personalized IT services. Application services for automating application releases, the Software Development Lifecycle Process and for enabling DevOps can be layered on top of extensible, governed, multi-cloud infrastructure services to vertically integrate them. With the new release of vCloud Automation Center, users have a powerful capability by which they can expose existing application blueprints, vCenter Orchestrator plug-ins, workflows through “XaaS” interface for self-service consumption as IT services. You can find a number of complex applications and database blueprints on the marketplace, along with implementation of “XaaS”.

Management Packs

VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite automates operations management using patented analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity and configuration management. You can find management packs for VMware vCenter Operations Management Suite that allow you to integrate vCenter Operations Advanced or Enterprise with 3rd party infrastructure products, application monitoring and enterprise management tools. Advanced edition customers can integrate 3rd party networking and storage products whereas Enterprise edition customers can also integrate additional 3rd party operating system and application monitoring tools.

Content Packs

VMware vCenter Log Insight delivers automated log management through log analytics, aggregation and search, extending VMware’s leadership in analytics to log data. It can analyze terabytes of logs, perform smart parsing of unstructured data, and enable interactive, real-time search and analytics through a GUI-based, easy to use interface. You will find several content packs for VMware vCenter LogInsight on the marketplace.