Unified IT Service Catalog

vCloud Automation Center empowers users to request and manage a variety of IT services that seamlessly span multi-vendor, multi-cloud platforms.

App Store Experience

vCloud Automation Center provides a unified self-service portal for delivering infrastructure, application, data or anything as a service. Standardized services definitions and repeatable automated workflows assure control and compliance while reducing rework due to errors.

Cross Cloud Storefront

vCloud Automation Center automates delivery and ongoing management of multi-vendor private and hybrid cloud services. Provision and manage a wide variety of applications, databases, desktops, infrastructure and other IT services from a common service catalog. Our broad multi-vendor support for a variety of hypervisors, public cloud, and physical servers allows IT to protect existing investments and leverage new technologies in the future.

Configurable Consumer Portal

vCloud Automation Center’s policies allow IT to provide a personalized, user-appropriate catalog of IT services. Per tenant branding allows each group to have their own unique look and feel. Access policies control which services are available to each user as well as which ongoing management functions each user is allowed to perform against the compute resources or applications under their control.

Full Lifecycle Management

vCloud Automation Center provides complete lifecycle management from initial provisioning through decommissioning and archival including day-2 operations like: resource reconfiguration, snapshot and application release automation. Access policies limit which management functions each user is allowed to perform on the different types of machines.

Automate the Delivery of Any IT Service

The “Advanced Service Designer” helps IT to create any new service such as infrastructure, application, storage, email provisioning, or onboarding services and to publish “X as a service “ to the catalog for on-demand self – service access. It ensures that all new services benefit from consistent governance and lifecycle management. Service authoring is facilitated using layout and style editors so that existing forms can easily be customized or new forms can be created. There are no HTML prerequisites required.