VMware vCloud® Networking and Security™ provides basic networking and security functionality for virtualized compute environments, built using the VMware vCloud® Suite. It provides a broad range of services delivered through virtual appliances, such as a virtual firewall, virtual private network (VPN), load balancing, NAT, DHCP and VXLAN-extended networks. With vCloud Networking and Security, enterprises can virtualize business critical applications with confidence, secure VMware® Horizon (with View)™ deployments and build secure and agile vCloud Suite based private clouds.

Packaging Changes in 2013

With the release of vCloud Networking and Security 5.5, VMware is changing packaging for vCloud Networking and Security 5.5

In order to make this technology more accessible and improve customer experience through simplified packaging and unified licensing, VMware is making the following changes:

  • vCloud Networking and Security 5.5 simplified into one integrated feature set
  • Only available as part of vCloud Suite 5.5
  • End of Availability (EOA) of the vCloud Networking and Security standalone SKUs, effective September 30th, 2013
  • Customers can maintain their vCloud Networking and Security investment while converting to vCloud Suite with the Fair Value Conversion Program

VMware will continue to offer technical support and maintenance services for vCloud Networking and Security product in line with our Enterprise Application Support Policy located here: https://www.vmware.com/support/policies/lifecycle.html.

What vCloud Networking and Security Does


Provides networking and security gateway services, such as firewall, NAT, load balancer, VPN and DHCP. Edge High Availability protects against network, host and software failures.

App Firewall

Segments and isolates critical applications within the virtual data center using vNIC-level firewalling.


VXLAN + VDS create layer 2 logical networks across non-contiguous clusters or pods, without the need for VLANs. This enables customers to scale their applications across clusters and pods and improve compute utilization.

Data Security

Scans virtual workloads for sensitive data, such as credit card information, and reports violations of country- and industry-specific regulations.

vCloud Ecosystem Framework

Enables integration of partner hardware or software services at the virtual network interface card (vNIC), the virtual network edge or the policy management plane through REST APIs.

VMware vCloud Suite

Build and run a complete private or hybrid cloud with VMware vCloud Suite.

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