VMware vFabric Data Director lets you implement database-aware virtualization on VMware vSphere and provide database as a service in your cloud.

Database-Aware Virtualization

Quickly virtualize databases on vSphere with built-in workflows. Copy a database from a physical server to a virtualized database with database ingestion. vFabric Data Director includes customizable templates that increase resource utilization and eliminate over-provisioning database resources. Other features include:

  • Resource management and isolation - vFabric Data Director offers flexible resource management and isolation at the tenant and database level, eliminating interference caused by multiple databases sharing the same resources.
  • Integrated template management - Administrator-controlled database templates help ensure corporate compliance, enforce standardization and enable fast database provisioning.
  • Database ingestion - Database administrators can quickly copy the database from a physical server to a virtualized database managed by vFabric Data Director, reducing complexity.
vFabric Data Director

vFabric Data Director

Automated Lifecycle Management

vFabric Data Director automates database lifecycle management tasks to provide better SLAs to your business. Features include:

  • Web-based data management console - IT operators can manage thousands of databases through a single pane, significantly reducing management overhead.
  • Database provisioning in minutes - Using database templates, vFabric Data Director helps you provision new data engines, including Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL, within minutes instead of days.
  • Cloning - The linked database clone feature in vFabric Data Director reduces cloning time from days or weeks to minutes, regardless of the source database size.
  • Policy compliance - With post-clone scripts, Database administrators can enforce procedures such as data masking to ensure compliance. They can also implement retention policies that enforce copy deletion.
  • Database-aware high availability - vFabric Data Director provides single-click high availability for all databases. In the event of physical server failure, affected virtual machines are automatically restarted on other production servers. In the case of operating system failure, vSphere High Availability restarts the affected virtual machine on the same physical server.


vFabric Data Director gives developers self-service capabilities for heterogeneous data engines, including database provisioning, common database management operations and robust role-based access control (RBAC) for authorized users. Features include:

  • Self-service database provisioning - Self-service database provisioning provides developers with database access in minutes while reducing IT operational costs and enabling resource optimization for increased efficiency.
  • Self-service database management - Developers need the flexibility to perform basic database operations without involving database administrators. Using self-service capabilities, developers can perform common operations such as cloning, backup, snapshots and point-in-time restores with just a click.
  • Role-based access control - RBAC restricts system access to authorized users. By assigning granular privileges, IT administrators can enable self-service while maintaining control and compliance.