Pivotal and VMware are partnering to deliver well-managed, agile and secure data and application infrastructure for VMware environments across public, private and hybrid clouds. Pivotal tc Server formerly known as VMware vFabric tc Server, is now part of the Pivotal portfolio of products.

Pivotal tc Server provides enterprise users with a lightweight Java application server that extends Apache Tomcat for use in large-scale mission-critical environments.

The best place to build and run Spring Java applications

Pivotal tc Server, the best place to build and run Spring Java applications, provides enterprise users with a drop-in replacement for Apache Tomcat which is extended for ease of use in the enterprise. Pivotal tc Server ensures a seamless migration path for existing custom-built and commercial software applications already certified for Tomcat, and includes a free developer edition that is designed to make development in Spring more efficient.

Lean, Powerful Apache Tomcat-Compatible Server

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines

Pivotal tc Server provides companies with a secure, supported, and extended Java application server based on and fully compatible with Apache Tomcat. Many companies are attracted by the simplicity and performance of Tomcat but must balance that simplicity with the responsibility of running large server farms hosting mission-critical applications. Pivotal tc Server strikes that balance for both development and operations teams by including optional extensions and packages that facilitate installation, maintenance, upgrade, and performance management, without breaking the essential qualities that make Tomcat so popular.

Increase Developer Productivity with visibility into Spring

With Spring Insight for Developers, Pivotal tc Server helps to dramatically increase development productivity by giving Java developers unparalleled insight into the performance and behavior of their Spring applications. Developers gain a deep understanding of application performance characteristics by tracing code execution - including both tracing within Spring and tracking wait-times for external dependencies - and visually identifying problematic code. Early detection and diagnosis of underperforming application areas enable developers to deliver high-performance applications faster than ever before. Spring Insight is also available in a multi-node version for production operations teams as part of Pivotal tc Server.

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Developer Efficiency

Developer Efficiency

Deployment Flexibility

Deployment Flexibility

Lightweight Application Server Optimized for Virtual and Cloud Environments

Pivotal tc Server provides a lean platform for running modern applications and is ideally suited for the cloud and virtualized datacenters. Thanks to its very small footprint and lean approach (Pivotal tc Server can even run as an embedded library in a Java application), Pivotal tc Server typically requires significantly less computing resources than typical JEE application servers, enabling greater application server density within a virtual environment. An integrated experience with VMware tools means applications can be easily deployed and managed. Pivotal tc Server is also integrated with Pivotal CF platform as a service.

Modernize Applications and Prepare for the Cloud

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