Measure Performance and Scalability of Virtualized Applications

The VMmark virtualization benchmark is an innovative solution that gives you complete insight into the performance and scalability of heterogeneous workloads, running on multiple virtual machines, consolidated on a physical server. Use VMmark to monitor the performance of virtual machines and compare the performance of virtualization platforms so that you can make appropriate hardware choices for your virtual infrastructure.

VMware VMark 2.x download and product information

VMware VMark 2.x download and product information

Tune and Troubleshoot Virtualization Performance

Virtualization performance depends not only on the performance of vSphere components, but also on the performance of the software applications and the hardware components with which vSphere interacts. Follow vSphere best practices to help ensure optimal system performance. Use the troubleshooting guide to isolate and fix performance problems.

See How vSphere Beats the Competition

In third-party testing, VMware vSphere 5 outperforms Microsoft Hyper-V R2 SP1 by 18.9%. In other tests, vSphere vMotion is faster than Hyper-V Live Migration and Horizon 6 outperforms Citrix XenDesktop 5.5.

Examine the Performance of Key Features in vSphere

Performance testing shows that VMware vSphere continues to provide more and better features in each release. For each release, VMware performance engineers study key features of the product and report the results, which are described in the following papers. Some papers offer best practices that will enhance performance of that feature.