Get intelligent operations management from applications to storage for vSphere, Hyper-V, Amazon, and physical hardware. vRealize Operations is available in three editions.

Edition Standard Advanced Enterprise
Description vSphere monitoring, performance and capacity optimization, and intelligent workload placement Virtual and physical infrastructure operations, including monitoring performance, capacity and configuration management, and intelligent workload placement Hybrid cloud infrastructure operations, including OS- and application-level monitoring, performance, capacity and configuration management, and intelligent workload placement
vRealize Operations - Key Features and Capabilities
Operations Platform
Scale-out platform Yes Yes Yes
Single sign on Yes Yes Yes
Remote collector HA Yes Yes Yes
Built-in high availability (automated failover of platform nodes) Yes Yes
Automation framework (automated remediation) Yes Yes Yes
Operations dashboards, views, and reports Yes Yes Yes
Customizable dashboards and reports   Yes Yes
Super metrics Yes Yes
Policy Management
Flexible operations policies and Operations Groups Yes Yes Yes
Guided remediation Yes Yes Yes
Role-based access control Yes Yes Yes
Performance Monitoring and Analytics
vSphere health monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Self-learning analytics with Dynamic Thresholds Yes Yes Yes
Smart Alerts Yes Yes Yes
Root-cause analysis and recommendations Yes Yes Yes
Monitoring of OS resources (CPU, disk, memory, network) (Linux, Windows, Solaris … for physical & virtual) Yes Yes
Capacity Management
Capacity metering, trending, right-sizing, and resource optimization Yes Yes Yes
Create Custom datacenter Yes Yes Yes
Custom capacity profile Yes Yes Yes
Capacity models, what-if scenario Yes Yes Yes
Save Projects Yes Yes Yes
Commit to reserve capacity for model-driven analytics Yes Yes Yes
Resource monitoring, planning, and optimization applicable to any object 1   Yes Yes
Workload Balancing
Move Action Yes Yes Yes
Rebalance Action 2 Yes Yes Yes
OOTB dashboard for Workload planning and balancing Yes Yes Yes
Change, Configuration, and Compliance Management
vSphere Hardening Yes Yes Yes
vSphere change, configuration, and regulatory compliance Yes Yes
OS-level change, configuration, and patch management Yes
OS-level regulatory compliance-management packs (PCI, HIPAA, SOX, etc.) Yes
Application Dependency Mapping (VIN)
Automated application discovery and relationship visualization Yes Yes
Naming and versioning Yes Yes
Management Packs 3
vCenter Mgmt Pack Yes Yes Yes
CMP Mgmt Packs (vRA, vRB, LI, vRO) Yes Yes Yes
SDDC Management Packs (MPSD4, NSX, vCloud Air, MPND) Yes Yes
Hybrid Cloud Mgmt packs (AWS, Hyper-V, OpenStack) Yes Yes
3rd Party Management Packs for Infrastructure (Network, Storage, Physical servers) 5 Yes Yes
Basic APIs – available to all customers ( Out-bound Data/Alert Extraction, Alert Definition/Mgmt, User Mgmt, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Advanced APIs – available to only ADV/ENT customers (Resource/Data Addition, Report Generation, etc) Yes Yes
Application Monitoring
Application, middleware and database monitoring Yes
3rd party management packs for Applications (MS, Oracle, Exchange...) 6

EPIC and Meditech Mgmt packs 6
vRealize Operations Components
vRealize Operations 7 Yes Yes Yes
vRealize Configuration Manager 7 Yes Yes
vRealize Hyperic 7 Yes Yes
vRealize Infrastructure Navigator Yes Yes

1 Customize through Advanced APIs or available with associated Management Pack.

2 Requires DRS to be turned on.

3 HP One View customers can use management packs with vRealize Operations STD.

4 For vSAN customers only, MPSD can be deployed with vRealize Operations STD.

5 Available separately. Requires vRealize Operations ADV.

6 Available separately. Requires vRealize Operations ENT or vRealize Suite ENT. For customers with vRealize Suite STD/ADV, requires purchase of App monitoring add-on.

7 Actual capabilities may vary by edition.