VMware vRealize Orchestrator allows administrators to develop complex automation tasks, then quickly access and launch workflows from the VMware vSphere client, various components of VMware vCloud Suite, or other triggering mechanisms.

Simple yet Robust Workflow Creation

  • Automate complex processes - Design and automate complex, customized workflows in just a few clicks.
  • Pre-built workflow library - Take advantage of the extensive workflow library, which contains pre-built tasks that solve specific challenges and perform common administrative actions.
  • Scalable performance - Execute hundreds or thousands of concurrent workflows on single or distributed architectures.
  • Check-pointing - Perform server restarts—even for long-running processes—without losing workflow state and context, thanks to integration with production-grade external databases that store vital details.
  • Scripting engine - Create new building blocks for workflows, as well as for other actions and policies, using a JavaScript-based scripting engine that offers basic version control, variable type-checking, name space management and exception handling.
  • Policy engine - Allow external events to launch appropriate workflows in response to infrastructure failures or state changes.

Accelerate Process Automation

  • Hundreds of out-of-the-box workflows - Accelerate and reduce the cost of IT service delivery across your organization.
  • VMware Solution Exchange - The cloud management marketplace on VMware Solution Exchange provides a library of VMware and partner-provided vRealize Orchestrator workflows and plug-ins.
  • Generic plug-ins - Automatically create workflows based on SOAP, REST operations and PowerShell scripts.

Powerful Management Features

  • Extend vRealize Orchestrator plug-ins - Add your own types in vRealize Orchestrator without having to wait for a plug-in update.
  • Dynamic XaaS - Direct integration of new types so that they can be leveraged within vRealize Automation (formerly vCloud Automation Center).
  • Manage Inventory - Create Inventory Objects through workflows and define relations within the object hierarcy.
  • Simple installation - Install with a production-ready virtual appliance or directly on Windows servers.
  • Centralized access - Keep scripts and process-related primitives in a single location to ensure proper change control across the environment and to avoid releasing scripts without versioning.
  • Export Workflows - Collaborate content across the team by directly exporting workflows to a file system and saving them in a repository.

Open, Flexible Architecture

  • New plug-in SDK - Use the new self-contained SDK that provides Maven-based archetypes and new APIs that are optimized for different integration scenarios.
  • Third-party plug-ins - Automate management and operational tasks across both VMware and third-party applications, such as service desks, change management and IT asset management systems. Access the latest plug-ins built by VMware and our partners on VMware Cloud Management Marketplace.
  • Custom plug-in development - Use the vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In Software Development Kit to create custom plug-ins to third-party management systems.

Extend the Capabilities of Other VMware Products

  • Cloud-ready integration - Automate virtually any task in your cloud thanks to 100 percent coverage of the vSphere and vCloud APIs.
  • VRealize Automation - Automate the delivery of new IT services or adapt the capabilities of existing VRealize Automation infrastructure and application services by invoking vRealize Orchestrator workflows and plug-ins. Configure custom IT services using Advance Service Designer, which leverages vRealize Orchestrator workflows to automate the delivery of Custom IT services.
  • vRealize Operations - Use vRealize Orchestrator workflows to automatically resolve operational issues that vRealize Operations identifies with the vRealize Operations remediation workflow package.
  • Other VMware solutions - Integrate with other VMware solutions such as vSphere Update Manager, vCenter Chargeback Manager and vRealize Configuration Manager.