VMware vSphere with Operations Management delivers vSphere optimized with critical capacity management and performance monitoring capabilities.

It is designed for businesses of all sizes to run applications at high service levels and maximize hardware savings through higher capacity utilization and consolidation ratios.

Upgrade to vSphere with Operations Management

Upgrade to vSphere with Operations Management (3:30 min)

Read the Cornerstone Home Lending Case Study

Read the Cornerstone Home Lending Case Study PDF

Read how Cornerstone improved operations visibility.

Watch the Waddington Group video

Watch the Waddington Group video

Watch the Waddington Group video VIDEO

See how Waddington Group met growth demands.

Performance Monitoring and Capacity Management

Create a virtualized environment suited for running mission-critical applications with confidence through proactive capacity and operations management.

Powerful Server Virtualization

Virtualize your x86 server resources and aggregate them into logical pools for allocation of multiple workloads.

Network Services

Get network services optimized for the virtual environment, along with simplified administration and management.

Efficient Storage

Reduce the complexity of back-end storage systems and enable the most efficient storage utilization in virtual environments.

Robust Security

Protect your data and applications with the industry’s most secure “bare-metal” virtualization platform.

High Availability

Maximize uptime across your virtualized infrastructure, reducing unplanned downtime and eliminating planned downtime for server and storage maintenance.

Consistent Automation

Lower operating expenditures and minimize errors by streamlining routine tasks with vSphere's accurate and repeatable solutions.

Cloud API Integration

Provide choice on how to consume your cloud environment

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The new Software Manager lets you download vCloud Suite and all its features with the push of a button.

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Prevent Downtime Before It Happens

Find, explore and solve potential performance problems in advance, using vSphere with Operations Management. Find out how real customers do it every day.

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Leverage the most trusted virtualization platform with intelligent operations, maximize hardware investments and more.

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