Leverage the Power of Virtualization and Cloud Computing

VMware vSphere® continues to be the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructures. New features and capabilities in vSphere 5.5 enable users to run business-critical applications with confidence and respond to business needs faster.

Below are some key reasons you should upgrade to vSphere 5.5:

  • Support for New Architectures – Scales performance through expanded support for the latest x86 chip sets. Empowers on-premise building of Platform-as-a-Service through support for Pivotal.
  • Scalability – Expands vSphere configuration two times over the previous limits for physical CPUs, memory and NUMA nodes. Virtual disk files can now scale to 62TB.
  • VMware vCenter Single Sign-On – Delivers greater simplicity and security to vSphere environments with next-generation single sign-on. Users can now log in once to access all instances or layers of VMware vCenter without the need for further authentication.
  • vSphere App HA – Provides a new level of availability by enabling VMware vSphere to detect and recover from application or operating system failure.
  • vSphere Flash Read Cache – Virtualizes server-side cache providing a high-performance read cache layer that dramatically lowers application latency.

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Plan your vSphere 5.5 upgrade - Components: vCenter Server & Update Manger | ESXi | Virtual Machines | VMFS.