VMware Workspace ONE brings the power of Workspace Suite to a new cloud service leveraging the best of AirWatch Enterprise Mobility Management, Horizon Air Desktops and Apps and VMware Identity Manager in three new editions designed to meet the workstyle and security needs of every digital employee.

Consumer Grade Self-Service Access to Cloud, Mobile and Windows Apps

Simplify onboarding new employees. Once authenticated through the VMware Workspace ONE app, employees will instantly access their personalized enterprise app catalog where they can subscribe to virtually any mobile, cloud or Windows app. With the built-in VMware Identity Manager, access to applications is only a touch away as single sign-on authentication is already established through the device.

Let Users Choose Any Device, BYOD or Corporate Owned

The architecture you deploy today needs to work with devices that have not yet been invented. From wearables to 3D graphics workstations, keeping employees productive means that their applications need to be available when and where they are. While some of these devices may be corporate owned and require IT to configure and manage them through their lifecycle, many will be owned by the employees themselves. VMware Workspace ONE with adaptive enrollment puts the choice in employees’ hands for the level of convenience, access, security and management that makes sense for their workstyle, providing friction-free adoption of BYOD programs while getting IT out of the device business.

Secure Productivity Applications: Mail, Calendar, Documents and Social

Employees want to use corporate mobile apps that work like their personal mobile apps. VMware Workspace ONE includes email, calendar, contacts, documents, chat and enterprise social that employees want to use while invisible security measures protect the organization from data leakage by restricting how attachments and files can be edited and shared. Team chat, enterprise discussions, Q&A, content access and other social tools that allow employees to work collaboratively in real time can be integrated into the applications and tools they already use.

Data Security and Endpoint Compliance with Conditional Access

In the mobile cloud era, employees, devices, apps and data increasingly live beyond the physical walls of the workplace, the data center, or the network. To protect the most sensitive information, VMware Workspace ONE combines identity and device management to enforce access decisions based on a range of conditions from strength of authentication, network, location and device compliance. The AirWatch policy engine automates device compliance through customizable warnings, full or selective device wipe. Information is secured by protecting the data stored in applications and limiting data leakage through cut, copy, paste or export controls.

Real-Time Application Delivery and Automation

Just as the industry is seeing convergence between laptops and tablets, the operating systems they are built on, like the new Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, are also converging to use mobile-style, API-based configuration and application management. VMware Workspace ONE takes full advantage the new capabilities of Windows and leverages the industry leading AirWatch mobile management system to allow desktop administrators to automate application distribution and updates on the fly. Combined with award-winning Horizon virtualization technology, automating the application delivery process enables better security and compliance.