VMware Workstation Pro FAQs

Technology Guarantee Program

Can I qualify for a free upgrade?

Customers who have purchased VMware Workstation 11 from July 29 to September 30, 2015 are covered by the Technology Guarantee Program for VMware Workstation and are eligible for a complimentary electronic upgrade to VMware Workstation 12 Pro:

  • If you purchased VMware Workstation 11 from the VMware online store or an authorized VMware partner during this time period, you will automatically receive your new VMware Workstation 12 Pro license key(s) via email. Please allow up to 48 hours to get your new license key(s). No further action is required to receive your upgrade.
  • If you purchased VMware Workstation 11 through an authorized VMware distributor during this period, you will need to submit your license key(s) and proof of purchase online by October 31, 2015 to receive your complimentary license key. Please allow up to 2 weeks to receive your complimentary electronic upgrade to VMware Workstation 12 Pro.

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What if I purchased VMware Workstation 11 without a Support and Subscription (SnS) contract before July 29, 2015?

Customers who purchased VMware Workstation 11 before July 29, 2015 without an SnS contract are not eligible for a complimentary upgrade to VMware Workstation 12 Pro and need to purchase an upgrade to Workstation 12 Pro to fully enjoy the benefits of the latest version of the product.


Who is eligible to upgrade to VMware Workstation 12 Pro?

Please consult the table below to check your eligibility to purchase an upgrade on the VMware Online Store.

Currently Licensed Product Eligible for Paid Upgrade to Workstation 12 Pro
Workstation 10 or 11 (without an SnS contract)
Player 6 Plus or Player 7 Pro (without an SnS contract)

How do I purchase Workstation 12 Pro upgrades?

VMware Workstation 12 Pro upgrades are available for purchase on the VMware online store or through VMware resellers.

IMPORTANT: When you install a new version of Workstation, the previous version will be uninstalled from your system. Therefore, we recommend that you proceed with the upgrade only if you have a new license key. Your existing virtual machines will not be affected.

I have an active SnS contract for VMware Workstation. When can I expect to receive the new version?

Customers with an active support and subscription (SnS) contract with an end date on or after General Availability are eligible for a free upgrade. Follow the instructions provided in this KB article to upgrade your license key(s).

After receiving your new license key(s), you can download VMware Workstation 12 Pro from the Workstation Pro Download Page.

Upgrades will be available on My VMware shortly after VMware Workstation 12 Pro becomes publicly available.

What if I have an older version of VMware Workstation, am I eligible to buy an upgrade?

Customers with older VMware Workstation versions (1.x through 9.x) will need to purchase a new license.

I own Workstation 10.x or 11.x (for Windows) and want to switch platforms and upgrade to Workstation 12 Pro (for Linux), or vice versa. Can I do this at upgrade prices?

Yes. VMware Workstation offers an upgrade path from one host operating system version to another. For example, if you own a VMware Workstation 10 for Windows license you can upgrade to VMware Workstation 12 Pro for Linux.

I have an academic copy of VMware Workstation 10.x or 11.x. Can I get a discounted upgrade to VMware Workstation 12 Pro?

Yes, you may purchase an academic upgrade from the VMware Academic Store. In order to qualify for this discount, you must currently own an academic Workstation license and be a student, parent, faculty or staff member at a qualifying academic institution.

Do I get free updates (not upgrades) when I purchase VMware Workstation Pro?

Yes. The price of VMware Workstation Pro includes an update service that entitles you to product updates and patches, which are new releases of Workstation Pro within a given product version (e.g. x.1, and x.1.1, and so forth). VMware Workstation Pro will automatically download updates or you may download updates by visiting the Workstation Pro Download Page.

NOTE: The price of Workstation Pro entitles a customer to free updates, but not free upgrades. Upgrade releases contain functional enhancements or significant extensions and must be purchased separately unless you have an active support and subscription (SnS) contract.

Licensing and Registration

How do I register my copy of VMware Workstation Pro with VMware?

If you purchased the product from the VMware Online store, your license key is automatically registered. If you purchased from a reseller, you need to manually register your license key in My VMware. Please consult this KB article for detailed instructions on license key registration.

Can I switch between Windows and Linux versions?

Yes. You can switch between Windows and Linux versions of VMware Workstation Pro using the same license key. If you decide to switch host operating systems, you must uninstall Workstation Pro from the host operating system you no longer plan to use. If you plan to run VMware Workstation Pro on a Linux host and a Windows host, you need to purchase two licenses.

Are students and professors eligible to receive special academic pricing for a full license of VMware Workstation Pro?

Yes. Students and professors can purchase VMware Workstation Pro at our standard academic pricing by ordering directly from VMware Academic Store or by contacting VMware Sales at 1-977-4VMWARE (1-977-496-10273) in the United States and Canada, or +1-650-427-5000 elsewhere. Please note that proof of eligibility is required.