VMware #1 in IDC Worldwide Datacenter Automation Software Vendor Shares

By Sajai Krishnan, vice president of product marketing, Cloud Management Business Unit, VMware

The first half of 2014 has brought a great deal of positive recognition to VMware’s Virtualization and Cloud Management product portfolio and business. That streak of success continues with the news that market research firm IDC has named VMware the leading datacenter automation software vendor based on 2013 software revenues. (1)

IDC’s report, “Worldwide Datacenter Automation Software 2013 Vendor Shares,” determined that VMware’s lead in 2013 jumped 65.6 percent over 2012 results and its market share now stands at 24.1 percent, more than 10 percentage points above the second place vendor. Overall, the worldwide market for datacenter automation grew by 22.1 percent to $1.8 billion in 2013.

What’s Driving Demand for Datacenter Automation Software?

IDC’s report states, “The datacenter automation submarket demonstrates strong growth due to increased adoption of virtualization and cloud datacenter architectures and the associated self-service provisioning, orchestration, and configuration automation solutions needed to enable them.”

This report echoes what we hear from our customers and prospects that need help managing and automating their dynamic virtual and hybrid cloud environments. In the mobile-cloud era, IT needs to be increasingly agile and responsive as a strategic partner to the business, and more and more depends on external service providers to deliver quickly. Yet IT is also charged with maintaining control to ensure uptime, performance, security and compliance.  The result is that IT faces a defining challenge of this new era: delivering on the new business need for speed and agility along with the ongoing demand for control and efficiency.

At VMware, we are committed to helping our customers achieve both. VMware provides the only comprehensive portfolio of management products purpose-built for the cloud – with cloud automation, combined with economic insights from our IT business management software, and the predictive analytics of our cloud operations and log management products. Insight, Decision, Action – all driven by VMware’s end-to-end cloud management approach.

I’d like to thank our customers and partners for vaulting us to the top! We look forward to continuing to partner with you to meet your cloud and datacenter automation needs.

Read the complete IDC report. 

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(1)   IDC, “Worldwide Datacenter Automation Software 2013 Vendor Shares,” by Mary Johnston Turner, May 2014