VMware Leads in Customer Survey From 451 Research

By Ramin Sayar, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Management Business Unit

I’m happy to share that in a recent 451 Research CloudScape report on Cloud Management and Automation, IT practitioners selected VMware as the leading vendor in four of six categories measured in the report.1
The report showed that VMware topped competing software vendors in the following categories:

  • Self-Service Catalog
  • Unified Cloud Management Console
  • Cloud Governance
  • Metering/Billing

The findings are based on interviews with a “…network of IT professional and key decision-makers at large and midsized enterprises.” The interviews were supported by additional interviews with IT stakeholders such as IT managers, technology vendors, managed service providers, telcos and VCs, as well as primary research.

The report looks at the adoption of “…tools that are emerging to support the selection, provisioning, scheduling and dispatch of work to BEVs (Best Execution Venues) and the acquisition of services from them.” The research found that “…sophisticated management and automation tools are going to be required to ensure that a cloud can deliver on its promise of faster and more flexible services, on more devices and on-demand.”

Cloud management technologies such as unified cloud management consoles and cloud governance tools are in the early stages of gaining traction with users, according to 451 Research. The report notes that the “…next few years, however, will see a significant change in these areas, with close to one-third of respondents planning to implement these technologies in their cloud environments. Spending plans are beginning to gain momentum, with 16% and 10% of respondents citing increased spending on cloud management consoles and governance technologies, respectively, in 2013.”

We believe that this report from 451 Research validates our approach to building out a comprehensive cloud management platform. For years now, our focus has been to guide our customers on their journey to IT as a Service (ITaaS) by enabling CIOs and their organizations to become strategic brokers of IT services.  As 451 Research’s report states, “Cloud computing is IT as a Service.”

At VMware, we recognize that if IT is to operate at the speed of business, and reach that level of agility, efficiency and control, then a new approach to management is needed for the cloud era. One that delivers automated operations, intelligent operational analytics, cost transparency, on-demand access to any service, and the flexibility to support any platform or cloud.

To access the 451 Research report on Cloud Management and Automation, go to: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/analysts/451_CloudMgmtAutomation.pdf

To learn more about VMware Cloud Management solutions, go to: http://www.vmware.com/virtualization/virtualization-management/overview.html

1 451 Research “Cloud Management and Automation,” by William Fellows, November 2013