Deliver a better experience for remote office workers.

The Horizon Branch Office Desktop provides a comprehensive approach to addressing multiple requirements within the branch office. Leveraging this solution, IT organizations can centrally manage OS images for both their physical end points and their virtual desktop environments, while ensuring employees have fast, secure access to the applications and data they need to maximize productivity. With centralized images and layered single-image management, the same base image can be deployed in a server hosted virtual desktop, natively to a physical PC, or even on a client hypervisor.

"VMware Branch Office Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

"VMware Branch Office Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

VMware Branch Office Desktop Whiteboard - Rory Clements

Just-in-Time Desktops for the Branch Office

Enhance Centrally Hosted Virtual Desktop Delivery in the Branch

Hosted virtual desktops provide a streamlined, cost-effective and secure way to manage branch users who access their applications and data from remote locations. Where wide area networks are robust and reliable, Horizon (with View)™ together with VMware vCloud Networking and Security and vRealize Operations Manager for View enable organizations to do more with less and to adopt an automated, policy driven approach to managing end users in their branches.

Leveraging Horizon (with View)  physical appliances from the VMware Rapid Desktop Program, IT organizations who opt for a more distributed VDI model, can move virtual desktop infrastructure closer to end users to optimize application response times and improve performance. IT can in turn remotely manage, patch and backup users in the datacenter.

Provide Single Image Management and Disaster Recovery

For end users with laptops, desktops, or unmanaged VMs, where VDI is not a good fit due to sporadic or poor connectivity, IT can leverage Mirage. Mirage  centralizes complete copies of endpoint images in the datacenter, where they are protected and managed, while end users continue to enjoy the power of their local PC.

By providing continuous synchronization over the WAN between the local and central copies, Mirage ensures endpoint images are easily managed, maintained and updated. IT manages a single image across a diverse range of devices that can be easily recovered in case of disaster, moved when hardware is refreshed, or migrated to a newer OS. And by decoupling the individual components of the image into different layers, Mirage ensures IT can easily maintain core images in compliance without disrupting user data or profiles and while allowing branch employees to install applications that personalize their PCs.

Mirage  can also be leveraged to manage Horizon (with View) persistent desktops for disaster recovery. In this instance, an employee on a physical device which is being centrally managed by Mirage  can have their persona restored onto a virtual machine. Mirage can be effectively leveraged alongside View Composer and vCenter clones as part of this design depending on user requirements.