Maximum Storage Specifications Supported - Storage/SAN

The following system and virtual machine maximums are supported for ESX hosts:

Maximum LUNs per system: 256 (128 during install)

Maximum HBAs per system: 16 ports (4 quad port cards, 8 dual port cards, etc.)

Maximum virtual HBAs per virtual machine: 4

Maximum targets per virtual HBA: 15

Maximum virtual disks per Windows virtual machine: 60

Maximum virtual disks per Linux virtual machine: 60

Maximum number of VMFS file systems per server: 256

Maximum disk space per VMFS: 2TB * # of extents

Maximum file size per VMFS-3 file: Default max file size for VMFS 3 is 256GB (block size of 1MB). This can be configured to a block size of 8MB which will allow a 2TB file.

Maximum number of files per VMFS-3: Supports enough files to hold the maximum number of VMs per VMFS volume supported by ESX 3.0 (typically greater than 30,000 files)

Maximum number of paths per LUN: 32

Maximum number of total paths: 1024

Maximum number of targets per HBA: 15

Minimum VMFS 3 volume size: 1.1 GB