Introduction - View

Vendor products are tested for compatibility with View. VMware provides support only for the products that are listed in this Compatibility Guide.

Product Type Definitions:

Hardware - This is a hardware-based thin client device meeting the minimum requirements of the thin client certification program.

Software - This is a software-based thin client image used to re-purpose your existing x86 PCs into thin clients and meets the minimum requirements of the thin client certification program.

Client Type Definitions:

VMware - This client type is a device which utilizes the View software and includes functionality as described in the Administration Guide for View: http://www.vmware.com/support/pubs/view_pubs.html

Vendor - This client type is a device developed by specific vendors. This client meets the minimum requirements VMware has set for certification, however specific features of these clients may vary between different vendors and devices.

Release and Supported Releases - Thin Clients:
Horizon Client Release - A thin client device listed against a particular VMware Horizon Client release (Formerly called View Client ) in the Release column has been tested by the thin client manufacturer against that specific VMware Horizon Client release and includes a minimum set of features supported in that VMware Horizon Client version.

View Server Release Used -The View Server Release used during the certification testing with the VMware Horizon Client.

Supported View Server Releases - A thin client device certified against a specific VMware Horizon Client release is compatible with current, previous and subsequent View releases according to the compatibility guarantees published as part of that specific View release (typically two major releases in both directions). However, a compatible thin client may not include all of the features of the newer View Connection Manager release. Please refer to your View documentation to determine which features are included.