VMware Compatibility Guides 2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: April 04, 2011

What's New in VMware Compatibility Guides 2.0

Optimized Interface Layout and Flow

VMware Compatibility Guides 2.0 gives you a better user interface than VMware Compatibility Guides 1.0:

  1. Increased number of fields available to filter the search.
  2. Every result has a popup window that shows brief details.
  3. Search criteria are filtered dynamically.
  4. Cleaner and more logical display of search results.

Improved Search Criteria

VMware Compatibility Guides 2.0 provides improved search criteria. Additional fields were added in the VMware Compatibility Guides 2.0 to filter searches and make them more accurate. Selection criteria are also filtered now. The user can select multiple options from the selection criteria.

Performance Improvement

VMware Compatibility Guides 2.0 not only gives you more highly filtered results, but does it in less time. Selection criteria are divided into basic and additional criteria. Optimized queries enable faster response time and reduce server loads.

Filtered Results

  1. The total number of results is shown as "Current Results".
  2. Result can be divided into pages showing 10, 20, 50, 100 and 500 results per page.
  3. The detail page was modified to show the detail of any particular selected result.

New Features

New certification level features were added to the System and Storage/SAN tabs.

   System: The following fields related to features were added to the System tab:
  1. Features Category
  2. Features
   Storage/SAN: The following fields related to features were added to the Storage/SAN tab:
  1. Features Category
  2. Features
  3. Plugins

Enhanced Keyword Search

Keyword search was modified and is now implemented for every tab. Placing the keyword in double quotes ("keyword") will return the exact string searched for.


vStorage APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) is a new program under the vStorage APIs umbrella, and expressly focuses on enabling new ways of management in VMware/partner environments. It creates a vCenter-based extensible framework that enables:

  • Partner products to inform vCenter about their capabilities and current state, such as array configuration and capabilities, storage health and events, performance metrics, etc.
  • Management solutions built upon vCenter to leverage this information to deliver end-to-end storage insight.