Amplify Your Data Center for Business Agility

Amplify your data center's efficiency and agility while enhancing security and control with a comprehensive private cloud computing solution from VMware. Transform data centers and deploy workloads on shared infrastructure with built-in security and role-based access control. Migrate workloads between pools of infrastructure and integrate existing management systems using customer extensions, APIs and open cross-cloud standards. Deliver cloud-enabled IT infrastructure on-demand so end users can consume virtualized IT services and resources with maximum agility and speed.

VMware Private Cloud Computing Solution

Businesses all over the world are implementing private clouds within their data centers to amplify the benefits of virtualization and increase agility, while still maintaining control of compliance and security. VMware private cloud solutions deliver three unique capabilities to businesses:

  • An efficient and secure approach to using shared infrastructure for servicing frequent requests
  • A standardized, portable, extensible and flexible approach to deploying and delivering IT infrastructure resources without manual configuration across multiple clouds
  • Agile and rapid access to shared IT infrastructure and services leveraging automated and on-demand resource provisioning capabilities

Rely on the Most Efficient, Agile and Extensible Cloud Infrastructure

As the proven industry leader in virtualization and cloud computing, VMware is delivering unprecedented and transformational technologies enabling IT organizations to enhance efficiency, agility, control and choice through private cloud computing. Working with industry leaders, we help businesses gain the benefits of cloud computing using existing infrastructure investments without compromising control and choice. A private, cloud-based data center environment can help IT move from a capital expenditures-centric cost center to an operating expenditures-based driver of strategic business value, allowing you to quickly respond to emerging business opportunities.

The foundation of VMware's private cloud solution is VMware vCloud® Suite. Employing abstractions, similar to those available with VMware vSphere®, it takes virtualization to the data center level. IT services are delivered as fully encapsulated and portable multi-virtual-machine units that can be stored in service catalog libraries and migrated to any VMware-compatible cloud. End-user service consumption is controlled and governed through both role-based access policies tied to organization constructs, as well as unique virtual networking technologies that enable similar virtual machine environments to be deployed concurrently.

Deliver Infrastructure as a Service with Security and Control

The VMware private cloud solution pools infrastructure resources among multiple clusters into policy-based virtual data centers. A virtual data center is a predefined container of resources spanning a set of virtualized physical resources that can provide specific service levels or meet particular business needs. These elastic and tiered virtual data centers enable resources to be provisioned to IT services without repeated configuration. By logically pooling infrastructure capacity into a shared and agile private cloud infrastructure, your organization can manage resources more efficiently, with complete abstraction between the delivery of infrastructure and the underlying hardware that supports it.

VMware private cloud solutions also help secure and continuously monitor your cloud infrastructure for compliance drift. Our security technology has trust-zone policies that can be applied on the private cloud to protect and control traffic to IT-governed groups of virtual machines. Our configuration management products also enable continuous monitoring of the virtual environment to detect potential incidents and failures that can take the environment out of compliance.

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Enabling Standardization and Portability

Standardization is central to achieving greater operational efficiency. Private clouds not only facilitate standardization but also dramatically increase the returns on standardization. VMware's private cloud solution leverages open standards such as the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) to enable packaging and migration of workloads across clouds. By encapsulating multiple virtual-machine services and the associated networking policies into vApps, these portable units can be stored in catalogs and flexibly deployed into any virtual data center available to the enterprise. This allows end users of one cloud to easily share services with end users of another, while also helping IT to easily migrate services between clouds. Custom extensions and the open interfaces allow existing systems in the data center to be integrated with the private cloud so you can customize your cloud to your unique business requirements.

Delivering IT as a Service with Agility and Speed

Private clouds facilitate abstraction and the pooling of IT infrastructure. They also aid with the portability of application workloads, which, in turn, lead to agile and immediate access to IT services. VMware's private cloud computing solution enables end users to consume IT services and resources on-demand through both a web-based self-service portal and programmatic integration with existing IT tools. These private cloud computing capabilities deliver end users faster and more agile access to IT resources.

VMware's private cloud computing solution, based on VMware vCloud Suite, provides three key benefits:

  • Maintain control and governance – VMware's traffic introspection architecture protects virtual networks at the host level, lowering overall costs and increasing quality of service. It also ensures that security policies follow virtual machines seamlessly.
  • Obtain agility with policy-driven automation – Virtual machine configurations are provisioned rapidly and without a full duplication of the original template. Resource pooling and virtual distributed network configuration minimize hardware requirements and enable intelligent policy management mechanisms like distributed resource scheduling and VMware vSphere® vMotion®.
  • Retain and enhance freedom of choice – Build your private cloud computing environment on top of your existing VMware vSphere-based virtualized IT resources without re-architecting your existing IT infrastructure on VMware vCloud Suite. With a comprehensive virtualization and cloud computing platform such as VMware vCloud Suite, ensure that you're not locked into a specific deployment model.

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