VMware Fellow, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networking and Security Business Unit

Martin Casado joined VMware in August of 2012 with the acquisition of Nicira Networks, a company he co-founded. He currently serves as VMware’s Chief Technology Officer of Networking and Security. Casado co-founded software-defined networking and was recognized for that work by ACM with the Grace Murray Hopper award for the Outstanding Young Computer Professional of the Year for 2012-2013. While at Stanford, Martin co-founded Illuminics Systems, an IP analytics company, which was acquired by Quova Inc. in 2006. Prior to attending Stanford, Martin held a research position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where he worked on network security in the information operations assurance center (IOAC).

Casado received his Masters in Science and PhD from Stanford University in Computer Science where he remains a Consulting Assistant Professor. Casado received his Bachelor of Science from Northern Arizona University in Computer Science and Engineering.