The Journey Continues - Insights into VMware Product Directions

View these videos to discover how our major products for the software-defined data center, hybrid cloud and workforce mobility can move your IT service delivery forward into the maturing mobile-cloud landscape.

VMware Strategy - The Software-Defined Enterprise

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger describes the Software-Defined Enterprise and explains how IT organizations can leverage a software-defined approach to competitively serve internal and external customers. Learn how IT can shift from simply maintaining existing operations to investing in resources and initiatives that improve top-line revenue and meet key business goals.

The Software-Defined Enterprise

The Software-Defined Future – Investing for Success

A new model of IT service delivery is now taking shape for the mobile cloud era. With its major pillars in the software-defined data center, hybrid cloud and virtual workspaces for end users – this business model is driving the adoption of the software-defined enterprise.

Hear about our business strategy for helping IT deliver at the speed of business

vSphere® Strategy - The Foundation of Your Data Center

vSphere, VMware’s flagship product, is evolving for the mobile-cloud era to address the needs of the modern data center. Learn how VMware vSphere will deliver all you need to virtualize any x86 application, at scale and with high efficiency. vSphere serves as the foundation for the other layers of the software-defined data center, such as networking, storage, availability, and management.

The Foundation of Your Data Center

NSX™ Strategy: The Network and Security Virtualization Platform

Learn how VMware NSX allows any application to run in your software-defined data center, and how a network abstracted from physical hardware can help you to scale to even greater heights—on demand. The NSX platform delivers the operational model of a Virtual Machine for the network, by providing an API interface to deliver logical switching, routing, firewalling, and load balancing—all in software, without any changes to applications or physical infrastructure.

Network and Security Virtualization Platform

Virtual SAN™ Strategy - Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center

Learn how VMware Virtual SAN can take you into the era of software-defined storage, today and tomorrow. Most customers are significantly challenged by the need to manage storage infrastructure and protect data while keeping costs under control. VMware Virtual SAN addresses these issues through software-defined storage (SDS)—by helping you meet capacity and performance needs, maintain vendor-specific administration skillsets, and streamline manually intensive operations and recurring data migrations.

Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center

Management and Automation Strategy - Maximize Efficiency, Increase Agility

VMware continues to deliver disruptive and powerful innovations for cloud management, automation, and cost transparency to enable the delivery of IT as a Service (ITaaS). Learn how you can automate the delivery of infrastructure, applications, and desktops as a service across multiple clouds and platforms, and how VMware will continue to meet your private and public cloud needs with solutions for cloud automation, cloud operations, and cloud business management.

Management and Automation

VMware vCloud® Air™ Strategy - Extend Your Data Center to the Cloud

The VMware vCloud Air can enable you to connect your on-premises applications and private cloud with the public cloud, using the tools and processes you already have. Learn how VMware can help you move from internal proprietary platforms, migrate legacy workloads, move workloads back and forth between clouds and address network integration.

View the strategy for extending your Data Center to the Cloud

End User Computing Strategy - Secure Virtual Workspaces for the Mobile Enterprise

VMware’s goal is to enable all mobile end users to work securely, at the ‘speed of life’. In this video, CTO Kit Colbert discusses the changing end user computing landscape and what's in store from VMware. Find out where VMware is headed in content collaboration, enterprise desktop, workspace services and mobile, including Airwatch integration.

End User Computing Strategy - Secure Virtual Workspaces for the Mobile Enterprise