VMware Horizon® extends the power of desktop and application virtualization, allowing IT to deliver and protect all of the Windows resources end users want, at the speed they expect, with the efficiency business demands.

Horizon 6 Overview

Horizon 6 Overview

Move to the Mobile Cloud

Gone are the days of client/server computing where Windows ruled the day and end users were tasked to do their work from one device and one location. Today, end users are leveraging new types of devices for work, accessing Windows applications alongside non-Windows-based applications and are more mobile than ever.

In this new mobile cloud era, managing and delivering services to end users with traditional PC-centric tools has become time consuming and costly. VMware desktop and application virtualization solutions provide IT with a new streamlined approach to deliver, protect, and manage Windows desktops and applications while containing costs and ensuring end users can work anytime, anywhere across any device.

Horizon 6 Marketecture

Horizon 6 Marketecture

Desktop and Application Virtualization

Horizon (with View)

Securely deliver virtualized desktops or just applications to end users across devices and locations through a single platform.

Horizon DaaS (Desktop as a Service)

Get Windows desktops and apps delivered as a cloud service (DaaS) to any device, anywhere, with predictable costs.

Workspace Portal

Provide an easy way to access business applications and files on any device, while enabling IT to centrally deliver, manage and secure these assets.

Horizon DaaS Platform for Service Providers

Get apps and desktops delivered as a service (DaaS) across public, private and hybrid clouds through VMware’s global network of leading cloud desktop service provider partners.


Simplify physical desktop management by running PCs as a set of logical layers owned by either IT or the end user.


Work smarter, find information faster, and get more done with Socialcast, a private social network for business.

Personal Desktop Products


Quickly and reliably run your favorite Windows programs on a Mac, the same way you use Mac applications.

Fusion Pro

Includes all the features from the standard version plus unique capabilities designed for advanced users and professionals who need to run Windows programs on their Macs.


Run a web or cloud environment on your PC, with access to all the virtual machines you need.

Player Plus

Deliver a managed desktop to all of your employees, students, contractors, partners or customers.

Vertical Industry Solutions


Challenges facing IT at educational institutions range from the need for easier management of computer labs to finding solutions for online testing and BYOD.

VMware’s online testing and BYOD solutions for educational institutions.

Financial Services

Financial institutions often have multiple locations or branches and require continuous access to applications and data.

VMware’s financial services solutions.


Uninterrupted access to patient data and applications is essential in the healthcare industry.

VMware’s AlwaysOn Point of Care solution.


Distributed workforces, complex designs and security are common concerns within the manufacturing industry.

VMware’s manufacturing solutions.

National Government

National governments face strict security and compliance mandates that require a robust solution to ensure seamless productivity.

VMware’s Secure Desktop solution.

Regional and Local Government

Serving the public at the regional and local level requires a mobile workforce that can access applications and data while on the go.

VMware’s case worker and first responder solution.

Deployment Solutions

Rapid Desktop Appliances

Rapid Desktop Appliances with pre-integrated, pre-configured, pre-tested and validated VMware Horizon (with View) software, storage and compute components offer a one-stop shop for all your virtual desktop needs.

Rapid Desktop Appliances

Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures

Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures provide standard, repeatable, and scalable designs for quickly and easily deploying virtual desktops with your vendor of choice.

Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures