VMware vCloud Suite comes in three editions licensed by CPU: Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. vCloud Suite is specifically designed for use with vSphere environments.

VMware vCloud Suite Editions

Edition Description
VMware vCloud Suite Standard vCloud Suite Standard is built on the vSphere Enterprise Plus virtualization platform and adds intelligent IT operations and rapid infrastructure provisioning to provide Infrastructure-as-a-Service at lower CapEx and OpEx.
VMware vCloud Suite Advanced vCloud Suite Advanced builds on Standard’s agile and secure Infrastructure-as-a-Service offering and adds cost infrastructure service costing and compliant IT that make it easy to track and show expenses and to meet security and compliance requirements
VMware vCloud Suite Enterprise vCloud Suite Enterprise is a comprehensive offering for resilient, secure, and compliant private clouds that delivers policy-based workload automation, reduces downtime, and accelerates a business solution’s time-to-market.

vCloud Suite add-on products:

NSX for vSphere add-on: vCloud Suite customers who are ready to take advantage of advanced software-defined networking and security services have the option to purchase NSX for vSphere at a reduced add-on price.

Hybrid Cloud Extension: vCloud Suite is designed specifically for vSphere environments. vCloud Suite customers who are ready to extend beyond private vSphere environments to public cloud capacity and services can do so with the vRealize Suite.

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