vRealize Automation (formerly vCloud Automation Center)

VMware vRealize Automation drives business agility by automating the delivery of personalized IT services.

VMware vRealize Automation Overview

VMware vRealize Automation Overview

Overview (3:20 min)

vRealize Automation - Extensibility Video

vRealize Automation - Extensibility Video

vRealize Automation - App Services Video

vRealize Automation - App Services Video

Choice Hotels

Choice Hotels

Agility through Cloud Automation

Begin the journey to DevOps by automating the end-to-end delivery and management of infrastructure and accelerate application deployment and releases.

Personalization through Governance Policies

Ensure that each user receives the right size resource or application at the appropriate service level for the job they need to perform.

Choice through Flexibility

Provision and manage multi-vendor, multi-cloud infrastructure and applications leveraging existing infrastructure tools and processes.

Efficiency through Cost Containment

Provide consistent, automated delivery and management of IT services and reduce time-consuming, manual processes. Automated reclamation offers further savings by reclaiming inactive resources that can be reused.

Introducing vRealize Suite, a cloud management platform solution

Increase business agility with a purpose-built management solution for heterogeneous data centers and hybrid cloud environments.

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