Data Center Management and Automation

The software-defined data center is much more easily and efficiently managed than physical infrastructure and delivers entirely new levels of agility through dramatically faster provisioning, policy-driven governance, elastic scalability and workload mobility across clouds.

VMware technology addresses and automates the full spectrum of software-defined data center operations. You can even extend automated service provisioning, both operational and business management, to heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments.

Service Provisioning

Provisioning is performed via a self-service portal where authorized administrators, developers or business users can request cloud services that comply with pre-defined business policies. Deployment is highly automated: New applications can be built with unprecedented simplicity and speed using a consistent methodology and standardized reusable components with monitoring policies built into the provisioning process.

Operations Management

Intelligent management software is a key pillar of the software-defined data center, streamlining administration and enabling markedly higher resource utilization. Policy-driven automation matches infrastructure resources to continually changing business and workload demands, fostering higher customer satisfaction. Capacity planning capabilities further enhance infrastructure efficiency by identifying idle and over-provisioned virtual machines and optimizing virtual machine density.

Business Management

As a unified and standardized environment, the software-defined data center allows administrators to introduce new levels of cost transparency and accountability. You can track and show back the quantity and types of IT services consumed by a business unit, application or customer at fine-grained levels of detail. You can also leverage benchmarking to compare your IT costs to industry peers and cloud service providers for informed sourcing decisions that drive down expenses.