Compute Virtualization

First introduced by VMware a dozen years ago, modern software-defined compute (or virtualization) liberates CPU and memory power from the underlying physical hardware. Now a standard infrastructure technology, server virtualization forms the basis of the software-defined data center, which extends the same principles to all infrastructure services.

In virtualization, each application and its operating system are encapsulated in a separate and completely isolated container called a virtual machine, decoupled from the physical host by hypervisor software. Many virtual machines can be run simultaneously on every computer, enormously improving availability, performance and resource utilization.

Higher Efficiency with Lower Costs

Virtualization lets you reduce server count, standardize on low-cost x86 machines and greatly speed and simplify provisioning and management—all of which yield major savings in capital and operating expenses.

The industry standard for server virtualization is VMware vSphere®, in use by more than 350,000 customers worldwide from the Fortune 500 down to the smallest start-ups. Production-proven for the most demanding applications, vSphere provides the foundational layer of VMware vCloud® Suite, VMware’s software-defined data centerplatform.

vSphere’s many advantages include:

  • A bare-metal hypervisor with a small disk footprint for high security and low maintenance
  • OS independence and hardened drivers
  • Live virtual machine migration that eliminates application downtime from planned server maintenance
  • Robust, built-in and easy-to-deploy high availability for all your applications
  • Automatic load balancing across hosts to align resource allocation with business priorities
  • Advanced memory management with the ability to de-duplicate or compress pages
  • High I/O scalability to prevent bottlenecks
  • Innovative storage management with an integrated cluster file system
  • Virtualization of solid-state disks, together with a Flash read cache, for 5x-10x higher performance
  • Virtualization and elastic deployment of big-data workloads including Hadoop
  • Support for all packaged and custom application stacks
  • Integration with existing infrastructures, customization of any workflow and creation of any service (XaaS)
Compute Virtualization Products