Build, Run and Manage Cloud-Native Applications

VMware delivers infrastructure technologies enabling IT and developers to build, run and manage cloud-native applications to increase business agility, security and efficiency.

VMware Photon Platform

Photon Platform is an enterprise cloud infrastructure platform which enables IT to deliver on-demand tools and services developers need to build and run cloud-native applications while retaining security, control and performance of their datacenters.

VMware Photon Platform was Announced at VMworld Europe

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Secure, Scalable Technologies for Cloud-Native Applications

Our Cloud-Native Apps technologies help developers and operations engineers quickly build and seamlessly manage next-generation applications. Our projects support open standards for agility, interoperability and security throughout the application lifecycle. Join the conversation in the Cloud-Native Apps community.

Photon Platform

Photon Platform is an Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure Platform which enables IT to deliver on-demand tools and services developers need to build and run modern applications while retaining security, control and performance of the datacenter. Purpose-built for cloud native applications with natively-integrated enterprise container infrastructure support, Photon Platform brings the scale, performance and features previously accessible only to hyper-scale web companies into customer’s own datacenter. It leverages the industry leading hypervisor, networking, and storage technologies to bring the best-in-class performance, reliability and ease-of-use to cloud native workloads.

Pivotal-VMware Cloud-Native Stack

The Pivotal-VMware Cloud-Native Stack is a single, integrated solution combining Pivotal Cloud Foundry with Photon Platform core technologies. The combination provides a complete cloud-native software stack that's friendly to developers and IT operators out-of-the-box.

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vSphere Integrated Containers

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers delivers key enterprise container infrastructure to help IT Ops run both traditional as well as containerized applications side-by-side on a common infrastructure. Consisting of a container engine, an enterprise container registry and management portal - IT Ops can natively support containers in their virtualized environments. IT teams get the security, isolation and management of VMs, while developers enjoy the speed and agility of containers - all within vSphere.


VMware collaborates on cloud-native computing and container standards with the entire community. We have open-sourced key projects to ease integrations with other technologies, and are working across the industry to build and contribute to specifications that work for everyone.


Photon Controller
Photon Controller enables you to create thousands of new containers per minute and support hundreds of thousands of total simultaneous workloads. Photon Controller is a component of Photon Platform.  

Photon OS
Photon OS is a lightweight Linux container runtime designed to integrate with VMware infrastructure.

Project Lightwave
Lightwave is designed to provide enterprise level security and access control across your entire infrastructure and application stack. With built in single-sign on, authentication, authorization and certificates, Lightwave allows you to enforce governance and security throughout all stages of your product life cycle.


vSphere Integrated Containers Engine

vSphere Integrated Containers is comprised of three main components - the vSphere Integrated Containers Engine, Harbor, and Admiral all of which are available as open source on github.

Project Harbor

Harbor, the enterprise container registry, is an enterprise-class registry server that stores and distributes container images. Harbor extends the open source project Docker Distribution by adding the functionalities usually required by an enterprise, such as security, identity and management.


Admiral, the container management portal, provides a UI for developers and app teams to provision and manage containers, including retrieving stats and info about container instances. Cloud administrators will be able to manage container hosts and apply governance to its usage, including capacity quotas and approval workflows. When integrated with vRealize Automation, more advanced capabilities become available, such as deployment blueprints and enterprise-grade Containers-as-a-Service.

Stateful Applications on vSphere

vSphere Docker Volume Service

vSphere Docker Volume Service is an enterprise class persistent storage solution that enables you to run stateful containerized applications on vSphere. vSphere Admins can now use any VMware supported storage backend i.e. vSAN, VMFS or NFS, while effortlessly leveraging Docker APIs to manage volume lifecycles.