Build, Run and Manage Cloud-Native Applications

To keep our customers agile, the VMware Cloud-Native Apps group builds infrastructure technologies to open, common standards that preserve security, performance, and ease-of-use, from developer desktop to the production stack.

vSphere Integrated Containers

Kit Colbert, CTO of Cloud Native Applications at VMware, announces vSphere Integrated Containers, which allow organizations to deploy both new as well as existing workloads on a common platform. 

Pivotal Cloud Foundry - VMware Photon Platform

A complete cloud-native software stack friendly to developers, IT and everyone in between.


Secure, Scalable Technologies for Cloud-Native Applications

Our Cloud-Native Apps group helps developers and operations engineers quickly build and seamlessly manage next-generation applications. Our projects support open standards for agility, interoperability and security throughout the application lifecycle.

Photon Platform


VMware Photon Platform is the easiest way to run cloud-native apps on premises at scale. Photon platform is VMware’s cloud-native infrastructure purpose-built to run containers on best of class compute, storage and network virtualization.It’s framework agnostic with support for next gen frameworks of choice such as cloud foundry, Docker, Kubernetes etc. 

Photon Controller

VMware Photon Controller is an open source, distributed control plane for multi-tenant deployments designed from the ground-up to address the need for elasticity, high churn and self-healing.


Photon Machine

VMware Photon Machine is a new compute host based on ESXi that includes Photon OS for creating simple, stackable, replaceable hosts.

Cloud-Native Apps Community

This community focuses on Data Center Technology used to support Operations and Developers.

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Photon Platform Components


Automate Consumption and Operations

Automation of infrastructure consumption and operations using simple RESTful APIs, SDKs and CLI tooling, all fully multi-tenant.

Easily Deploy and Manage Photon Controller

Installer and Management UI makes the process of deploying and managing Photon Controller on ESXi hosts in large-scale, production-like environment easy. Upgrade to subsequent releases with minimal downtime (as short as several minutes) and with a handful of CLI commands or API calls.

Scale Out Faster

Fast, Scale-out Control Plane optimized for massive scale and speed, allowing the creation of 1,000s of new VM-isolated workloads per minute, and supporting 100,000s of total simultaneous workloads, Docker Swarm, and Pivotal CF.

Get Visibility Into Cloud Hosts

Graphite / Grafana gathers statistics from your management plane and cloud hosts to give you the visibility you need to feel confident running a large cloud.

vSphere Integrated Containers

VMware vSphere Integrated Containers delivers key enterprise container infrastructure to help IT Ops run both traditional as well as containerized applications side-by-side on a common infrastructure. Consisting of a container engine, an enterprise container registry and management portal - IT Ops can natively support containers in their virtualized environments. IT teams get the security, isolation and management of VMs, while developers enjoy the speed and agility of containers - all within vSphere.


VMware vSphere Integrated Containers is now available for download as open source software on github.

vSphere Integrated Containers Demo

vSphere Integrated Containers maps Docker Linux container constructs to vSphere elements so cloud-native apps run alongside existing workloads and benefit from hardware-level isolation and improved manageability.

Drive Business Agility with Containers

In this podcast, Kit Colbert, VP and CTO of the Cloud Native Apps team, talks about how vSphere Integrated Containers and Photon Platform are designed for running containerized workloads in production.

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VMware collaborates on cloud-native computing and container standards with the entire community. We have open-sourced key projects to ease integrations with other technologies, and are working across the industry to build and contribute to specifications that work for everyone.

Photon Controller

Photon Controller enables you to create thousands of new containers per minute and support hundreds of thousands of total simultaneous workloads. Photon Controller is a component of Photon Platform.  

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Photon OS

Photon OS is a lightweight Linux container runtime designed to integrate with VMware infrastructure. Photon OS is built into Photon Machine.   

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Project Lightwave

Lightwave is designed to provide enterprise level security and access control across your entire infrastructure and application stack. With built in single-sign on, authentication, authorization and certificates, Lightwave allows you to enforce governance and security throughout all stages of your product life cycle.


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Identity services for traditional infrastructure, applications and containers.

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