The Most Comprehensive and Extensively-Tested Blueprint to Build and Operate a Software-Defined Data Center

VMware Validated Designs deliver holistic data center-level designs that span compute, storage, networking and management, defining the gold standard for how to deploy and configure the complete VMware SDDC stack in a wide range of use cases. VMware Validated Designs include detailed guidance that synthetizes with best practices on how to operate a VMware SDDC optimally.


What is a VMware Validated Design?

Introduction to VMware Validated Designs.

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VMware Validated Designs is available as a free public document for download.

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VMware Validated Designs Deliver:

Accelerate Time to Market

VMware Validated Designs significantly simplify the lengthy and complicated design process and shorten provisioning cycles. With VMware Validated Designs, the implementation of a data center will take only 4-6 weeks instead of months.

De-risk Deployments and Operations

Rigorously tested and continuously validated, VMware Validated Designs reduce uncertainty, possible errors and downtime in implementing and operating SDDC by providing interoperability and compatibility of all software components.

Increase Efficiency

VMware Validated Designs provide detailed, step-by-step guidance to greatly reduce time spent on tasks like setting up monitoring and alerts, updating software patches, developing backup and restore procedures, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Drive IT Agility

VMware Validated Designs are designed for scalability. With support for a broad set of use cases and diverse types of applications, they help IT respond faster to the needs of growing businesses.



VMware Validated Designs Overview

See the advantages of VMware Validated Designs in the SDDC.

VMware Validated Designs Introduction Guide

Get an overview of how VMware Validated Designs facilitate the deployment of an on-premises private cloud based on VMware’s SDDC architecture.

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VMware Validated Designs Pod Architecture

Learn how VMware Validated Designs streamline and standardize the design process with pod architecture.


Standardized, Data Center-Level Designs

With a holistic approach to the entire data center, VMware Validated Designs streamline and simplify the design process, ensuring integration and interoperability among all components in the SDDC.

Proven and Robust Designs

Each design is developed by experts and rigorously tested and validated to provide successful deployment and efficient operations. Continuous interoperability testing helps a validated design stays valid as subsequent versions of components are released.

Applicable to a Broad Set of Use Cases

VMware Validated Designs provide an agile platform to achieve a wide variety of desired outcomes delivered by the SDDC, including microsegmentation, IT automation, Dev-Ops Ready IT and automated data center operations.

Comprehensive Documents

A complete set of VMware Validated Designs Documents include: Release Note, Solution Overview, Architecture Overview, Detailed Design, Planning and Preparation Guide, Deployment Guide, and  Operational Guidance for operations such as Monitoring and Alerting, Backup and Restore, Security and Compliance, and Disaster Recovery.

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When deploying VMware Validated Designs, you can choose to have an expert by your side. VMware Professional Services delivers the right expertise and collaboration for a rapid implementation of your SDDC architecture. Achieve faster value, increase business efficiency and improve end user productivity with our project assistance and knowledge transfer.

  • Rapidly deploy an SDDC that delivers a production cloud platform for delivering IT services
  • Gain skills and knowledge, and get assistance with an initial deployment of the foundational platform
  • Improve end-user experience and business efficiency with an optimized deployment

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VMware Validated Designs Certified Partner Architecture

VMware is partnering with the most prestigious System Integrators to bring VVD to customers.
Through a rigorous process, VMware verifies and certifies that a SDDC design complies with the VVD specifications. Certified SDDC designs receive the "VMware Ready" stamp which gives customers a high level of assurance about the robustness of the solution based on those designs.

Learn more about VVD Certified Partner Architecture program.


VMware and Accenture: Value-Added IT

VMware Software-Defined Data Center provides the foundation for Accenture's private cloud solution.