VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager 4.0

Publisher : VMware
Latest Version : Thu Apr 09 22:00:16 PDT 2009
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The Site Recovery Manager 4.0 Evaluator™s Guide is intended to provide Site Recovery Manager customers and evaluators a guide that walks them through the Site Recovery Manager workflow that has to be completed to allow for the successful and automated service failover from the designated Site Recovery Manager protected site to the designated Site Recovery Manager recovery site. It also provides an overview that includes the considerations and guidance to execute a failback of services from the recovery site back to the site that was originally designated as the Site Recovery Manager protected site. In addition, this guide covers the new Site Recovery Manager features “ VMware vSphere support, NFS support, and shared recovery site. Evaluators can work through the exercises provided in this guide to gain a first-hand experience on operating the core and new features.