Extend your Data Center to the Cloud with vCloud Air® Network

VMware vCloud Air Network is the world's largest network of validated cloud services based on VMware technology, providing unprecedented flexibility and choice of cloud providers on a local basis. VMware vCloud Air Network is comprised of VMware vCloud Air, a VMware owned and operated cloud service, and our ecosystem of over 3,800 VMware Service Provider partners around the world. With VMware—based clouds, you can provision workloads to the public cloud or move existing workloads between onsite data centers or internal private clouds to the public cloud, and back again as needed, creating a true hybrid cloud. Leverage cloud services from VMware and our vCloud Air Network Service Providers to run your applications onsite, offsite or both, without compromise.

The Advantages of Hybrid Cloud

When you choose cloud services from VMware and our vCloud Air Network Service Providers partners, you don't have to worry about application compatibility or service provider lock-in often associated with other commodity cloud services. You reduce both risks and costs without requiring additional management tools and infrastructure, reinventing your processes or retraining your existing workforce. The benefits of a VMware-based hybrid cloud platform include:

  • The ability to write, deploy and manage applications in the cloud the same way you do today, relying on the underlying platform to provide the same level of security, reliability and performance you get from your current VMware infrastructure.
  • Administration of the entire hybrid infrastructure—data centers and public cloud together—with a "single pane of glass" management framework. Use the same tools, processes and skills you already have.
  • Quickly deploy workloads to the cloud with the flexibility to move them between your on-premises and off-premises environments as your requirements change.
  • Global availability and choice of validated cloud services through VMware or our vCloud Air Network service provider ecosystem.
  • Data sovereignty through local vCloud Air data centers and vCloud Air Network service providers in 102 countries.

VMware Hybrid Cloud Solutions

VMware vCloud Air

Run any workload, existing or new, with the VMware vCloud Air™ —a secure, dedicated cloud owned and operated by VMware. Built on the trusted foundation of VMware vSphere®, the service delivers unified networking that spans between your existing and new data center capacity, common management and security, with the same reliability and performance you expect from your internal data center.

VMware vCloud Air Network Service Providers

Securely extend your on-premises IT infrastructure with cloud services from VMware's global ecosystem of vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners. With this vast and diverse partner community, you can choose from a broad selection of cloud services built on the industry-leading vSphere virtualization platform that are optimized for a range of different use cases, such as seasonal projects, development/test, disaster recovery and mission-critical applications.