Combining vSphere Benefits With the Agility of the Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is an enterprise-grade, multi-tenant compute service offering high performance and high availability with a full suite of networking capabilities.

Top 5 Tips for Getting Started with vCloud Air

Prepare to successfully migrate your workloads to vCloud Air by following these tech tips.

What vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud Does

Provides a Cost-Effective Starting Point

Virtual Private Cloud is ideal for smaller workloads and tight budgets. It’s also an excellent option for workloads that don’t need dedicated hardware and can be deployed in a multi-tenant environment.

Extends Your Data Center

You can use the same management tools and both onsite and offsite cloud environments. You can also set your networks to mimic your existing data center settings.

Creates Portable Workloads

Place workloads on-premises, off-premises or both.

Offers High Availability

High availability and load balancing are included at no extra cost. Virtual Private Cloud also offers total edge gateway control.

Platform & Architecture 

vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud is an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) compute offering. Based on the same vSphere design architecture as Dedicated Cloud, it includes a pool of highly available compute, storage, and networking resources.

  • Multi-tenant, logically isolated core compute service on shared infrastructure
  • Supports variable or bursting workloads, test and development, and next-generation mobile apps
  • Works with the same management tools for both onsite and offsite cloud environments
  • vCloud Air Advanced Networking Services now available, offering next-generation networking and security capabilities for your dedicated cloud.
Common Platform


vCloud Air Virtual Private Cloud includes a pool of highly available compute, storage and networking resources.

Optimize Your Public Cloud Deployment

Combine your vSphere environment with vCloud Air to build a scalable, portable and agile hybrid cloud.

Deep Dive: Extending to the Cloud

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Portability and Availability

High availability and load balancing plus total edge gateway control are included. You choose where your apps live (on-premises, off-premises or both) and retain full management control.

Simple Management and Integration

With seamless network integration, you can use the same management tools with both onsite and offsite cloud environments. Networks can be set to mimic your existing data center networks. With the vSphere plug-in, you get a consolidated management portal.


Included Features

  • Firewall
  • Virtual private networks
  • Load balancer
  • Disk I/O
  • Redundancy and high availability
  • DHCP and NAT


  • 10GHz vCPU
  • 20GB vRAM
  • 2TB of SSD-accelerated or standard storage
  • 2 public IP addresses
  • 10Mbps allocated bandwidth

Optional Add-Ons

vCloud Air Data Center Information 


  • All vCloud Air Data Centers are certified at Tier 3 or higher
  • Advanced electrical and cooling systems
  • N+1 redundancy with UPS and generator backup
  • Multiple days of on-hand fuel with multiple contracts for emergency resupply
  • Advanced network capabilities; 10Gb+ connectivity and 40Gb+ core network



vCloud Air Data Center Locations