A Bi-Coastal resource for an end-to-end VMware experience

By participating in a briefing at the VMware Briefing Centers (VBC) in Palo Alto, California or Reston, Virginia you will have an opportunity to explore VMware products and services face-to-face with our executives and engineers alike. Discover the power of VMware with customized agendas, presentations and demonstrations. Then further educate your teams with our on-site training facility in Reston, Virginia.

Briefing topics can include:

  • VMware's Strategic Vision
  • The Software Defined Data Center
  • End User Computing
  • Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud
  • Virtual Network Storage & Security
  • Enterprise Management

The co-located Center of Excellence in Reston, Virginia provides a unique training atmosphere for your teams. Fully equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities and classroom-style seating, this is the perfect environment to build knowledge base and further the growth of your company.

We can support this and more at our state of the art facilities in Palo Alto, California and Reston, Virginia. Just minutes away from International Airports, the VBC & CoE team can assist you with hotel and restaurant reservations, transportation and more.

Seize your opportunity to bring the VMware experience to your business today!