Fast, Cost Effective and Validated

Get a cost-effective and easy-to-deploy virtual desktop solution that meets the high-performance demands of your users and can scale with your business. Starting as low as $200* per user, Rapid Desktop Appliances and Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures deployment options for VMware Horizon (with View) make it fast and easy for businesses of any size to implement virtual desktops without compromising scale and performance.

Accelerating Your Horizon (with View) Deployment

Rapid Desktop Appliances with pre-integrated, pre-configured, pre-tested, and validated VMware Horizon (with View) software, storage and compute components offer a one-stop shop for all your virtual desktop needs.

  • Save money and minimize risk with an all-in-one solution.
  • Accelerate and simplify deployments with converged infrastructure and pre-installed, pre-configured software that work together out of the box.
  • Scale as your business grows by simply adding additional load-balanced appliances.

Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures provide standard, repeatable and scalable designs for quickly and easily deploying virtual desktops with your vendor of choice.

  • Choose the right vendor solutions and architectures for your virtual desktop requirements.
  • Reduce implementation time and operational risks using best-fit designs with proven end-to-end interoperability.
  • Scale for even your most challenging use cases with designs optimized and tested for your environment and large-scale workload demands.

Known Performance and Scale

The scalability and performance of Rapid Desktop Appliances and Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures are tested and validated using industry-standard workforce planning tools such as View Planner. These tools simulate deployment of virtual desktops with workloads of a typical virtual desktop environment. Results provide guidance on expected desktop performance and effects on an entire virtualized infrastructure.

Whether you are rolling out hundreds or thousands of virtual desktops, the deployment of a Rapid Desktop Appliance or a Fast Track Validated Reference Architecture will be fast and scalable while providing a great user experience.

VMware Horizon (with View) partners give companies a broad range of options that are appropriate for small, mid-sized and large virtual desktop rollouts. Learn more about Rapid Desktop Appliances and Fast Track Validated Reference Architectures to find the solution best suited for your business.

* The cost per desktop cited only includes the cost of servers, networking, storage (required for the virtual desktop),the VMware Horizon (with View) license and Thin Client (assumes $250 cost for Thin Client). It does not include the cost of the peripheral devices, added persona management or MS OS licensing costs. Assumes fully loaded physical PC costs of $750.