VMware NSX™ is the network virtualization and security platform for the software-defined data center. NSX brings virtualization to your existing network and transforms network operations and economics.

NSX can be deployed non-disruptively on top of your existing physical infrastructure. Similar to server virtualization, NSX network virtualization lets you treat your physical network as a pool of transport capacity, with network and security services attached to VMs with a policy-driven approach.


NSX reduces the time to provision multi-tier networking and security services from weeks to minutes allowing these services to be coordinated with server and storage provisioning for faster application deployment.

Security and Micro-segmentation

Micro-segmentation prevents threats from moving laterally in the data center and has been validated by industry influencers like Forrester Research. Kernel based scale-out capacity and performance, distributed enforcement and automated provisioning and management makes NSX-based secure micro-segmentation scalable, operationally feasible and cost-effective.

Non-Disruptive Deployment

NSX works with existing applications and workloads, hypervisors, cloud management platforms and physical network hardware from any vendor.

Dynamic Extensibility

NSX is a distributed platform that enables third party services to be inserted into the service chained as specified by application policy at run-time.

Dramatically Simplified Operations

NSX abstracts virtual networks from the underlying physical network. Operators don’t need to interact with the physical network or the complexity of manual configuration of VLANs, ACLs and firewall rules, making the physical network truly rack-once-wire-once. Network operators automate network provisioning and streamline network design, eliminating the complexity and risk associated with manual configuration changes.

Unparalleled Visibility

The NSX controller consolidates all configuration state and instrumentation data for all network connections. Operators use existing tools to create a centralized view of the virtual network as well as the mapping between virtual networks and the underlying physical network topology.

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