VMware® vCenter™ Orchestrator™ allows administrators to develop complex automation tasks, then quickly access and launch workflows from the VMware vSphere® client or various triggering mechanisms.

Easy Workflow Creation

  • Automate complex processes - Design and automate complex, customized workflows in just a few clicks.
  • Pre-built workflow library - Take advantage of the extensive workflow library, which contains pre-built tasks that solve specific challenges and perform common administrative actions. Alternatively, use any of the third-party plug-ins from the VMware Solutions Exchange.

Robust Workflow Capabilities

  • Scalable performance - Execute hundreds or thousands of concurrent workflows on single or distributed architectures.
  • Straightforward version control - Manage change between different project stages by identifying the version history of any vCenter Orchestrator workflow. When necessary, roll back to previous packages or versions.
  • Check-pointing - Perform server restarts—even for long-running processes—without losing workflow state and context thanks to integration with production-grade external databases that store vital details.
  • Scripting engine - Create new building blocks for workflows, as well as for other actions and policies, using a JavaScript-based scripting engine that offers basic version control, variable type-checking, name space management and exception handling.
  • Policy engine- Allow external events to launch appropriate workflows in response to infrastructure failures or state changes.
  • REST API integration - Enable other applications to execute workflows using REST API.

Advanced Security

  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) - Sign and encrypt content that has been imported and exported between servers.
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) - Control how exported content might be viewed, edited and redistributed.
  • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) - Encrypt communications between the desktop client, the server and HTTPS access to the web front-end.
  • Advanced access rights management - Control access to processes and the objects they manipulate.

Powerful Management Features

  • Simple installation - Install with a production-ready virtual appliance or directly on Windows servers.
  • Centralized access - Keep scripts and process-related primitives in a single location to ensure proper change control across the environment and to avoid releasing scripts without versioning.
  • Cloud-ready integration - Automate virtually any task in your cloud thanks to 100 percent coverage of the vSphere® and vCloud Director® APIs. Integrate with other VMware solutions such as vCloud Director®, vCenter™ Update Manager™, vCenter™ Chargeback Manager™ and vCenter™ Configuration Manager™.

Open, Flexible Architecture