Pivotal and VMware are partnering to deliver well-managed, agile and secure data and application infrastructure for VMware environments across public, private and hybrid clouds. Pivotal SQLFire, formerly known as VMware vFabric SQLFire, is now part of the Pivotal portfolio of products.

How to buy Pivotal SQLFire

Pivotal SQLFire Community Edition is FREE for developers

Developers writing applications that incorporate Pivotal SQLFire Community Edition can do so at no charge with a 3 server process limit, 12 core max limit and without wide-area network caching (WAN) capabilities. The Community Edition can be deployed in production with purchase of flat fee SnS.

Pivotal SQLFire has one commercial edition:
  • Pivotal SQLFire Enterprise Edition

Pivotal SQLFire Enterprise Edition enables all capabilities of the product to manage relational data in SQLFire including Global WAN connectivity. A license is required for each node that joins a SQLFire Cluster.

Product Purchased Perpetual License Notes
Pivotal SQLFire Enterprise Edition Cross Cloud (Per Core or vCPU or Amazon ECU) Standalone


Retail pricing for U.S. editions of Pivotal SQLFire is shown here.
Edition Price with Production Support (USD) Price with Basic Support (USD)
Pivotal SQLFire Enterprise Edition – Cross Cloud (Per Core or vCPU or Amazon ECU)

Note: Retail pricing is for reference purposes only and is subject to change without notice. Pricing is suggested retail price for sales in the United States. Regional prices may vary. For detailed pricing, contact a reseller or Pivotal expert.

VMware offers a choice of support levels:

  • Production Support entitles customers to 24/7 support.
  • Basic Support entitles customers to 12/5 support.

Optional developer-only support is also available: https://www.vmware.com/support/services/vfabric-developer.html

*VMware Internal Study, April 2012. Results available upon request.

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