Pivotal and VMware are partnering to deliver well-managed, agile and secure data and application infrastructure for VMware environments across public, private and hybrid clouds. Pivotal SQLFire, formerly known as VMware vFabric SQLFire, is now part of the Pivotal portfolio of products.

Pivotal SQLFire is an in-memory distributed SQL database. In the category of NewSQL databases, SQLFire delivers dynamic scalability and high performance for data-intensive modern applications.


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White paper

Winning Mobile and Web Customers with Fast Data.

Delivering data at the speed of business

VMware’s in-memory, distributed Pivotal SQLFire delivers unprecedented scalability, performance


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Product Documentation

Analyst Roundtable Webinar: Scaling the traditional database: the NewSQL Opportunity.

*VMware Internal Study, April 2012. Results available upon request.

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