VMware's vRealize Suite is an enterprise-ready, cloud management platform that delivers the industry’s most complete solution for managing a heterogeneous, hybrid cloud.

VMware vRealize Suite: Cloud Management Platform

VMware vRealize Suite: Cloud Management Platform

VMware vRealize Suite: Cloud Management Platform (2:50)

VMware IT Achieves DevOps-Ready IT

VMware IT Achieves DevOps-Ready IT PDF

Insights into Deploying vRealize Cloud Management Solutions.

Tribune Media doubles productivity with vRealize Suite

See how Tribune Media doubled their productivity with vRealize Suite

Tribune Media doubles productivity with vRealize Suite VIDEO

Cloud management: The next step in the evolution of IT.

Intelligent Operations

Proactively address health, performance and capacity management of IT services across heterogeneous and hybrid cloud environments in order to improve efficiency, performance and availability.

IT Automating IT

Automate the delivery and ongoing management of IT infrastructure to reduce the time it takes to respond to requests for IT resources and improve the ongoing management of provisioned resources. Understand the cost of infrastructure options and the consumption of resources by end users in order to maximize capital spending.

DevOps-Ready IT

Build a cloud solution for development teams that can deliver a complete application stack, support developer choice in the form of both API and GUI access to resources and provision resources across a hybrid cloud. Extend the solution scope by addressing continuous delivery to further speed up application delivery.


What’s Included in vRealize Suite

vRealize Automation

Automated delivery of personalized infrastructure, applications and custom IT services.

vRealize Operations

Intelligent health, performance, capacity and configuration management with predictive analytics.

vRealize Log Insight

Real time log management and log analysis.

vRealize Business for Cloud

Automated cloud costing, cloud consumption analysis, and cloud comparison for your private, public and hybrid cloud.

Cloud Management Blog

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VMware Hands-on Labs

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