A New IT Architecture For A New Era

The mobile-cloud era brings with it an exponential increase in business expectations, and IT is at pains to respond. Its rigid, antiquated infrastructure devours budgets and resources at an alarming rate, but lacks the ability to deliver applications and services at speed and scale.

This puts IT at a crossroads:

It’s time to choose between continuing down the same outmoded hardware-centric path, or moving to a new way to do IT—an architecture engineered to serve billions of mobile consumers with millions of new applications and services. A highly automated, easily managed platform that embraces all applications, for deployment across data centers, clouds and mobile devices.

This new architecture is the Software-Defined Data Center: radically simpler IT that gives your business unprecedented agility, speed, security and control. It’s the platform of the future, and it’s here today. Customers worldwide are evolving to the Software-Defined Data Center with VMware products and services, and are already enjoying its benefits.

Achieve High Value IT Outcomes

More than ever, you need to respond to new business demands quickly, without compromising security, efficiency, control or choice. VMware Software-Defined Data Center architecture helps enterprises achieve distinct IT outcomes for greater security, availability, faster service delivery and lower cost.

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What It Is

Fully Virtualized Infrastructure

The software-defined approach extends vSphere® server virtualization  beyond compute to network and storage. All data center services become as easy and inexpensive to configure and manage as virtual machines.

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Delivered On a Flexible Mix of Private and Hybrid Clouds

Applications and services can be provisioned and run on both on-premises private clouds and secure infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) services, with seamless workload mobility across the hybrid environment. You can utilize virtually any hardware, minimizing the need for specialized infrastructure.

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Governed by a Comprehensive Cloud Management Platform

Unified, policy-driven technology automates and manages IT services across heterogeneous clouds. Unlike legacy solutions, the platform is purpose-built to orchestrate the changing dynamics of software-defined workloads.

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What You Get

  • Dramatically higher efficiency and lower costs. Virtualized IT services and automated operations management drive new levels of resource utilization and staff productivity.
  • Application provisioning in minutes. Policy-based configuration lets you deliver workloads in minutes, with resource levels automatically adjusted to meet continually changing business demands.
  • The right availability and security for every application. Automated business continuity and virtualization-aware security combine to provide exceptional uptime and unmatched control over resource access and placement.
  • Any workload delivered anywhere. Run both new and existing applications across multiple platforms and clouds, with instant delivery to any user on any desktop or mobile device.

Innovate and Thrive in the Mobile-Cloud Era

Journey to IT as a Service

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