Cloud Operations Management

Operations disciplines are converging. Performance, capacity and configuration become inseparable as the Software-Defined Data Center is extended with public cloud services. IT departments require integrated, analytics-based operations management to ensure service quality and increase operational efficiency on or off-site.

VMware operations management solutions simplify and automate management from apps to storage, on- or off-premises.

Intelligent Operations

VMware operations management solutions provide predictive analytics for application and infrastructure health. Smart Alerts with recommended actions help you identify and fix emerging performance, capacity and configuration issues before they cause service outage. Capacity optimization capabilities help you right-size your infrastructure resources by identifying and reclaiming waste from over-provisioned and idle VMs. Moreover, what-if analyses also helps you forecast capacity trends to better meet future business demands.

Policy-Based Automation

Operations solutions also include out-of-the-box policies easily customized for a wide range of administrative tasks. Policy-based automation streamlines provisioning, patching and configuration of infrastructure and applications. Integrated performance and configuration management enables visual correlation of in-guest configuration change events and their impact on performance. With a policy-based approach, easy to use templates facilitate compliance management with IT, vendor and regulatory requirements across virtual, physical and cloud environments, and help you to track and audit key controls.

Log Analytics

Integrated log management increases the power of VMware operations solutions. Our log management capabilities streamline log data collection. Powerful analytics capabilities search and analyze unstructured log data eliminating time consuming troubleshooting , security monitoring, and compliance tasks. We provide solid integration across your existing solutions to provide enterprises visibility of your business-critical infrastructure and applications. Integrated monitoring, management and log analytics delivers a seamless transition from monitoring, to root cause analysis, to remediation helping you meet service quality requirements.

Unified Management

Our open and scalable platform integrates with existing monitoring tools as well as 3rd party Management Packs for Microsoft, SAP, Amazon Web Services and more. It delivers enhanced application monitoring with out-of-box dashboards for business critical applications, including Microsoft SQL, Exchange, SharePoint and more.

VMware Solution Exchange offers a wide range of partner solutions that are optimize to work with cloud operations solutions. Cloud Operations extensions simplify and automate data collection and troubleshooting and ensure optimal use of virtual and physical resources.

With such a breadth of capabilities delivering a unified management experience, our solution gives you comprehensive visibility in a single console across applications, storage and network devices.