Take Advantage of Cloud Computing with VMware

VMware is uniquely positioned to help service providers tap into three key trends in computing:

  • Existing applications are being virtualized – This provides an isolating “wrapper” around the application and severs the binding between the application and physical server hardware. Existing applications can be quickly and easily deployed on any VMware infrastructure, on-premise or off-premise.
  • New Web 2.0 applications are independent of the underlying operating system – Web 2.0 applications require virtualization, cloud and middleware to be easily portable and scalable. VMware provides full platform stack supporting the most popular Java framework, Spring, allowing developers to quickly and easily deploy their applications on cloud infrastructures.
  • The cloud offers new ways of delivering and accessing computing - VMware’s projects in identity and integration offer new revenue opportunities for service providers and an even greater share of the IT budget.

As a VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider you’ll be in a position to take advantage of these trends.

  • Listing on our VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider portal with hybrid cloud powered partners receive even greater visibility
  • Technology created by our own cloud service – VMware vCloud® Air™
  • 500K VMware customers moving to the cloud
  • Industry leading virtualization platform as the best platform to take advantage of cloud computing

Co-branding Your Services with VMware

VMware simplifies co-branding of service provider services:

  • VMware IaaS Powered - A service badge for any service based on VMware vSphere. All authorized VMware vCloud Air Network Service Provider partners with an active contract with a VMware Aggregator can now use the new VMware IaaS Powered technical badge to promote their hosted infrastructure services as being powered by VMware vSphere, the world’s leading server virtualization platform.
  • VMware Hybrid Cloud Powered - A service badge for any service based on VMware vSphere and VMware vCloud Director that makes available the full vCloud API and supports open virtualization format (OVF) VM file format upload/download.