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VMware Fusion 6 Professional delivers improved IT controls, unsurpassed platform support, and more powerful virtual machines.


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VMware Fusion 6 Professional Overview

VMware Fusion 6 Professional Overview

Platform Choice for Users—Computing Control for IT

VMware Fusion® 6 Professional delivers improved IT controls, unsurpassed platform support, faster, more powerful virtual machines, and enhanced usability.

Deliver Windows Applications to Mac Users

Fusion 6 Professional is designed for IT professionals who want to allow corporate users to run Windows® programs on Macs®, and for users who are looking for advanced functionalities to run Windows virtual machines.

VMware Fusion 6 Professional Assists IT in Controlling Desktops
Admin Tool for VMware Fusion 6 Professional Control

Control and Secure Applications and Data

Fusion 6 Professional enables IT professionals to control and secure corporate applications and data in a variety of fundamental ways. IT administrators can create and control policies around your virtual machines and deliver applications to end-users in a simplified "restricted" virtual machine container. Fusion 6 Professional also allows restricting access to certain virtual machine settings and can even prevent users' from connecting USB devices to restricted virtual machines. This ensures users are not able to tamper with corporate images. Additionally, virtual machines can be encrypted and password-protected to provide yet another layer of protection.

Easy and Reliable Deployment

Fusion 6 Professional provides an easy, reliable, and proven way to allow company employees to run the Windows programs they need on the Macs they want. Use existing Windows management tools to deploy Windows and Windows applications, apply patches, and enable conformance to policy. Fusion 6 Professional comes with IT administration tools to help you deploy VMware Fusion® using Apple or a third-party Mac management solution like JAMF’s Casper Suite. Further reduce the cost of supporting Windows desktop using single virtual machine mode which limits user access to the Virtual Machine library, the ability to create new virtual machines or migrate PCs and reduces menu options.

VMware Fusion 6 Professional Deployment of Tools and Applications

"If you are running an IT department and need mass deployment options, this is the best option on the Mac."


VMware Fusion 6 Professional Includes VMware PlayerPlus

Deploy Virtual Machines on Macs, Windows, or Linux Systems

Fusion 6 Professional supports BYOPC programs by including the award-winning VMware® Player™ 6 Plus. Run restricted virtual machines on Macs, Windows or Linux systems, all from a single solution. VMware Fusion keeps it simple by giving you one license key that will activate both VMware Fusion Professional and VMware® Player Plus™.

Simplify License Management

Buying and managing Fusion 6 Professional licenses is easy. Purchase licenses in volume and configure them so your end users are productive using Windows on a Mac from their first power-on. Use the My VMware licensing portal to easily manage all your license keys and support entitlements. Merge license keys together or break them apart, as you see fit.

MyVMware Portal Manages VMware Fusion 6 Professional
VMware Fusion 6 Professional Learning Center Start Screen

Eliminate Support Headaches

Reduce your support costs by directing end-users to the customized web resources of your choice, directly from VMware Fusion's "Help" menu. Users even have access to VMware Fusion’s Learning Center which includes step-by-step easy to view videos that will get them up and running in no time with running Windows on a Mac. Fusion 6 Professional customers are eligible for VMware's industry leading support.

Benefits for Advanced Mac Users

Professional users looking for proven performance and reliability from the worldwide virtualization leader can also benefit from advanced features only available in Fusion 6 Professional.

Developers using Macs who need to leverage Windows and Linux development tools or test their code in a Windows environment can use Fusion 6 Professional to develop and test their code more efficiently and effectively in two new ways: using the linked clones feature to create a partial copy of an existing virtual machine and the virtual network editor to quickly build custom virtual networking configurations.

Professional users who need to utilize memory- or process-intensive applications can rely on Fusion 6 Professional to deliver a virtual machine with up to 16 virtual processors, 8 TB virtual disks and up to 64 GB of memory per virtual machine. With Fusion 6 Professional, you can run demanding applications like AutoCAD or SolidWorks at incredible speeds and with Retina display support, graphics-intensive applications will look as good as they behave.

Sales teams, consultants, and other corporate professionals that spend significant time out of the office that want to utilize a single device to use or demonstrate products and solutions built on a variety of platforms can use Fusion 6 Professional’s linked clone feature to maintain a variety of computing environments and switch between them at a moment’s notice. And, because Fusion 6 Professional displays the name of each virtual machine when in full screen mode, power users will be able to readily identify the virtual machine that’s being displayed.

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