Simplify and Automate Virtualization Management

Today’s IT department needs to become a strategic partner to the business and maximize the benefits of the virtualized data center. Most Software-Defined Data Centers (SDDC) are becoming hybrid, with a mix of physical, virtual and cloud environments to manage. Applications are also varied, being built on a mix of traditional and modern architectures, running both on-premises and in public clouds. And IT departments need to manage all this in a way that delivers more value to the business, faster, while maintaining control and reducing costs.

To support business growth, consistent management and automation of the virtual data center is a critical first step. Automating manual tasks frees time for IT teams to deliver more strategic value to the business. But you need a unified view across the whole stack, not static and siloed bits and pieces with each looking at different sections of your environment and requiring different skill sets and knowledge.

Our virtualization management gives you:

  • Consistent management with a unified view of your whole environment, integrated with vSphere yet extensible to SDDC components
  • Intelligent operations management that adapts to your environment
  • Built-in automation with guided remediation and fine-grained controls

Deliver speed and agility while improving control and efficiency with a unified virtualization management experience that preserves investment in existing tools and skills.

Higher Efficiency and IT Empowerment with VMware vSphere with Operations Management

Higher Efficiency and IT Empowerment with VMware vSphere with Operations Management

Higher Efficiency and IT Empowerment with VMware vSphere with Operations Management (2:23 min)

Virtualization with Consistent Management

VMware virtualization management solutions are optimized for vSphere environments, but also work with heterogeneous and hybrid cloud, as well as the traditional and cloud-native applications they support. With infrastructure designed for secure delivery of cloud, mobile, social and big data applications, IT can be more flexible and respond to business requests quickly.

  • Get storage-level granularity with integrated storage management and analytics.
  • Ensure availability with integrated network management.
  • Get full visibility with an open platform supported by third-party management packs.

Intelligent Operations from Apps to Storage

Your business is unique and you need insights designed to fit your needs, not unhelpful symptom-based alert storms. Self-learning analytics respond to your particular environment and give you meaningful insights and guided remediation.

  • Leverage all types of IT data, including real-time log analytics to eliminate blind spots.
  • Identify emerging issues with alerts that aggregate and correlate data.
  • Improve performance with predictive analytics and comprehensive visibility.

Automation with Control

Free up more time for strategic projects by safely automating infrastructure and application management. Use intelligent automation to optimize resources, enforce standards and

  • Automate workload placement and balancing for optimized resource utilization.
  • Use pre-set templates and configuration to meet standards and compliance requirements.
  • Get problem alerts based on multiple symptoms with guided remediation.

Virtualization Management Offerings

  • vSphere with Operations Management : delivers virtualization with consistent management, purpose-built to get the best performance, availability and efficiency out of your environment from day 1.
  • vRealize Operations Insight : delivers intelligent operations management from applications to storage across vSphere and physical hardware.

Manage Everything in Your Data Center

VMware, our OEM partners, as well as other software vendors offer a comprehensive list of extensions to manage third-party technologies and infrastructure you may have in your IT environment. Referred to as Management Packs and Content Packs, they extend and simplify management of heterogeneous and hybrid environments. Learn more on VMware Solution Exchange.

Cloud Management

VMware cloud management solutions can help manage your physical infrastructure and public cloud environments. Learn more about cloud management.