See Why VMware has the Most Trusted Platform

While others like to say hypervisors are just a commodity and all virtualization platforms are the same, we beg to differ. Our vSphere hypervisor takes a radically different approach to virtualization and was the first "bare metal" hypervisor back in 2001. While other hypervisors rely on a broad operating system, we eliminated any dependence on a general-purpose operating system or management console, stripping the code down to a tiny 144MB disk footprint.

Why Should You Care How Large the Hypervisor Is?

VMware vSphere 5

A smaller hypervisor reduces the attack surface for external threats and drastically lowers the number of unrelated patches required, giving you a more reliable product and a more secure data center. Any flaw or vulnerability of the parent operating system directly affects those other hypervisors, even if the flaw is in a component unrelated to virtualization. vSphere's thin hypervisor architecture also means it can run stateless for easier deployment onto bare-metal hosts, easier configuration management and simpler (and less) patching. We also build security directly into the hypervisor, protecting virtual machines without bulky agents. See why VMware vSphere ®  provides the most robust and reliable foundation for the data center.

Innovation Continues

While we are proud of our past innovations and thankful for the many awards we've received, we are not resting our on our laurels. We have a vision of software-driven data centers in the future and continually find ways to improve our platform, making it easier to manage your infrastructure and make your hardware more efficient.


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