A Common Platform

We offer a common set of platform services for all forms of enterprise computing to streamline your delivery of “One Cloud, Any Application, Any Device.” vSphere provides compute virtualization for both servers and Horizon desktops and applications on customer premises and in vCloud Air public clouds. vSphere also embeds the network virtualization and security services of NSX and the software-defined storage of Virtual SAN. VMware vRealize Suite manages and automates your entire hybrid cloud, even portions on non-VMware platforms. We coordinate with all major hardware and software vendors to ensure that your IT investments work seamlessly with the VMware platform. VMware and our EVO partners simplify provisioning of your unified hybrid cloud and business mobility with preconfigured EVO hyper-converged infrastructure systems that can be running in minutes.

Learn how the VMware platform provides comprehensive management and easy adoption.

The Common VMware Platform Enables a Unified Hybrid Cloud

The value of the VMware platform is multiplied by the vast ecosystem of our technology partners and solution providers who can get your Software-Defined Data Center running quickly and dependably.

Other public clouds lack compatibility with your on-premises virtual infrastructure.

Public Cloud Extension

Public Cloud Extension

vCloud Air is built on the same vSphere, NSX and vRealize platforms you already use to ensure compatibility for a unified hybrid cloud.

True Hybrid Cloud

True Hybrid Cloud

We started using vCloud during the beta phase. We found that it was easy to plug into our current infrastructure and it delivered a true hybrid model…[it] just knocked Amazon Web Services straight out of the park.


The unique integration between compute, storage, networking and end-user desktop management in VMware Horizon drives down costs in a way that other vendors can’t match.

Organizations that have strong VMware skill sets and are invested in the long-term VMware vision are going to appreciate Horizon View. The product is solid, stable and performs well out of the box.


Business Mobility and Software-Defined Data Center Advantages With the VMware Hypervisor-Converged Platform

A VMware-powered Software-Defined Data Center has powerful advantages over other vendors’ approaches because only VMware can embed core functions like networking, security, and storage directly in the vSphere Hypervisor. By placing those services as closely as possible to the server hardware, VMware NSX and Virtual SAN can keep I/O paths short and operate with the best possible efficiency. Our hypervisor-converged approach also simplifies service management by integrating networking, security, and storage with your existing vSphere management and eliminating the need to manage virtual appliances that other vendors require.

Hypervisor-Converged Platform

Hypervisor-Converged Platform