Use Total Cost of Ownership for accurate cost comparisons

A complete software-defined data center TCO comparison includes the upfront capital costs of solution components, plus the ongoing costs of operating the solution. Operational expenses are generally two to three times higher than capital expenses on an annual basis for most IT organizations, so it is essential to consider the cost of running and maintaining your private cloud platform in any comparison. Competitors’ cost comparisons generally leave out several elements of a complete TCO assessment, shown below.

The VMware capital expense advantage

VMware vSphere reduces capital expenses with its superior virtual-machine density—how many virtual machines can run per host—which reduces the number of servers and software licenses you need. vSphere provides a density advantage over the competition through sophisticated multilayered memory management and highly effective cluster-level virtual machine load balancing to let you get more out of your hardware.

The VMware operational expense advantage

Operational cost studies show that VMware virtualization solutions can cost up to 80-90% less to operate than Microsoft alternatives.* VMware optimizes hardware utilization, provides superior management and policy-based automation and enables a highly available and resilient infrastructure that minimizes downtime costs. By freeing IT staff to innovate for the business and drive growth—while also providing the most capable platform for cloud initiatives—VMware can deliver lower costs and greater business value than competitors.

See for yourself with the VMware TCO Comparison Calculator

Use the VMware TCO Comparison Calculator evaluate the true costs of server virtualization and private cloud solutions. The calculator lets you compare vSphere with Operations Management and vCloud Suite editions with Microsoft alternatives based on Hyper-V and System Center. The calculator can even include the storage cost savings provided by VMware Virtual SAN.

Save with a data center that is software-defined rather than hardware-dependent

With VMware, you can implement traditionally expensive data center services like networking, security, and storage in software rather than using costly hardware. Other vendors with legacy businesses to protect lock you into “virtualized” approaches that actually require forklift upgrades to new infrastructure and expensive physical appliances. Compared to hardware-dependent data centers, a VMware software-defined data center featuring NSX networking and security and Virtual SAN storage can be deployed at almost half the cost.

See why vCloud Air wins the cloud price war

Price-performance is critical to evaluate when choosing the most cost effective Infrastructure-as-a-Service cloud. Independent testing shows that VMware vCloud Air delivers 2x the compute power of Microsoft Azure and 3x the storage performance of Amazon AWS. You’ll need to spend 35%-83% more to get the same performance from Azure and AWS.

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* Additional studies available upon request.